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Maak uzelf gereed voor 720p high definition videoopnames met BenQ's nieuwe E1240 digitale camera.

Maak uzelf gereed voor 720p high definition videoopnames met BenQ's nieuwe E1240 digitale camera.


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World-renowned provider of visual display innovation, BenQ, announced today the release of their latest digital camera – the -E1240. The slim 18mm uses a Panasonic 12 mega-pixel 1/2.3 inch CCD, equipped with a 35~105mm lens with 3X optical zoom, proudly records high definition videos at 1280x720 at 20 frames per second continuously with sound. With BenQ technologies such as P/Av/Tv mode, Super Shake Free (S.S.F.), AF Area select, M-burst mode, Fisheye mode and Auto Panorama mode, the new E1240 makes picture taking fun and effortless.

Be precise, be confident
With the new brighter LCD with is equipped with 2 LED modules for backlighting, the 2.7” LCD display displays pictures clearly and does not seem washed out even in the mid afternoon sunlight. The device also lets users select both aperture and shutter speeds for dramatic photo compositions–AF Area select mode accompanied with the S.S.F. mode ensures that pictures taken are crisp, sharp, and always in-focus so you will never miss out on memorable moments. With ISO up to 3200 at 3M resolution, you can be confident when shooting in low light, pictures will come out blur-free and sharp, looking natural with the mood preserved. E1240 is BenQ's first camera that records high definition videos at 720p, this video function with superior technology allows users to record those situations hard to capture into a still photograph–be it people, animals, or scenes–all in high definition!

Fun Functionalities!
BenQ's E1240 comes with Auto Panorama stitching function. When using this mode, it can capture a sweeping view of natural grandeur or a bustling street scene. The fun feature has fast pattern matching which seamlessly stitches three photos into one effortlessly. With this function, you will be able to show friends and family the scenery as a whole, rather than separate images. This nifty little camera also comes with a Fisheye mode. A Fisheye is a super-wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. It is a perfect function to impress your family and friends with your creativity by using the Fish-Eye mode. Other than that, the E1240 also has a hotkey function called “Beauty Enhancer”. With this pre-processing feature, your subjects in the photograph will have their skin tone beautified, blemishes will be smoothen and even completely disappear. A good photographer makes its subjects look good, and the E1240 makes you a good photographer.

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