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Leraren en studenten beleven samen een 21ste eeuw klaslokaal met een revolutionaire short-throw projector

Leraren en studenten beleven samen een 21ste eeuw klaslokaal met een revolutionaire short-throw projector


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Introduction of the first DLP ultra short-throw projector and certain short-throw Projectors with 0.6 and 0.9 m throw ratios

EUROPE, September 15, 2010 - BenQ, the global short-throw projector leader and number 1-selling DLP® projector brand in education, announced today the launch of the world’s first DLP ultra short-throw projector – the BenQ MX880UST, expanding its revolutionary short-throw projector series from 0.9 short-throw ratio in 2008 to 0.6 short-throw ratio in 2009 to now 0.3 ultra-short throw ratio in 2010, while answering the growing demand worldwide of interactive whiteboard use in the 21st century classrooms. Featuring 2500 ANSI lumen brightness, XGA resolution and 3000:1 high contrast ratio, the MX880UST is designed to not only bring teachers and students closer in the 21st century classrooms, but also future-proofs schools with 3D-ready projection, PC-less presentation, USB Display, LAN Display and wireless Display options as well as LAN Control networking capability to prepare schools for the educational technology revolution yet to come.

Distance has always been one of the greatest limitations of a standard projector – especially when it comes to teaching in an educational setting. The MX880UST brings a 78” whiteboard-sized big picture in a mere projection distance of 0.48 meters with BenQ’s exclusive aspherical lens projection design – offering extra projection flexibility for small-sized classrooms. Unlike any other short-throw technologies, this special design produces astonishing colors and well-focused text through greatly boosted the image zoom rate, effectively facilitating learning through crisp-clear readability and stable picture performances. The MX880UST can be easily and safely wall-mounted over a projection screen or an interactive whiteboard to keep highly intensive projector beam out of everyone’s sight and shadow disruptions out of the picture, making it the ideal choice for teachers to teach and students to learn uninterrupted in a safe and comfortable environment.

The launch of BenQ’s latest short-throw projectors also includes the interactive whiteboard series MX810ST, MW811ST and MX812ST, which projects an 81” big picture in 1 meter, with a long lamp life of up to 5000 hours under Eco mode, and the MS612ST and MX613ST, which projects a 55” picture in 1 meter, with up to 6000 hours of incredible long lamp life in Eco mode. BenQ strives to fit every short-throw projection need in educational settings of various sizes – helping schools and institutions worldwide overcome installation challenging, as well as preparing them for future interactive whiteboard adaptations.

While projectors make great teaching tools for schools and educational institutions, they can be costly to install, maintain and replace. BenQ keeps the total cost of ownership (TCO) in check by equipping its short-throw projectors with the latest projection features and functions to future-proof classrooms for the next four to five years to come, including:

  •  DLP LinkTM-enabled 3D Projection: The latest BenQ short-throw projectors come standard-equipped with DLP LinkTM-built 3D projection technology to support the implementation of 3D educational resources in today’s teaching.
  • PC-less Class Presentations: These projectors enable teachers to incorporate PC-less teaching into their class with the plug-and-play USB Reader feature and/or teach using just a wireless keyboard and mouse through the Remote Desktop function – saving schools a fortune on computer purchase, maintenance and repair.
  • USB Display: USB connectivity makes BenQ’s new short-throw series easy and simple to set-up. With a USB cable, the best image presentation can be automatically detected and projected via simultaneous multiple presentations.
  • LAN Control/Display: Designed to offer a highly adaptable cost-effective solution for projector implementation management, the MX880UST, MX810ST, MW811ST and MX812ST require only a LAN cable to control and display classroom projections.

For more information about BenQ's projectors, please visit the product pages: MX880UST - MX810ST - MW811ST - MX812ST - MS612STMX613ST.