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BenQ debuteert met nieuwe serie LED monitoren voor veeleisende zakelijke oplossingen

BenQ debuteert met nieuwe serie LED monitoren voor veeleisende zakelijke oplossingen


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5 Models, 3 Sizes, 1st to Offer “4E” LED Displays

EUROPE, September 15, 2010 - Just as BenQ’s new BL Series was designed to give businesses an edge over their competition, so too does it give BenQ an edge in the IT industry as the first to deliver “4E” LED displays combining ergonomics, eco-friendliness, economy, and enjoyment. The six new models, which span 19”, 22”, and 24” sizes, are being positioned as the ideal business choice for improving worker satisfaction and performance and the corporate bottom line. Employees will work happier and better with ergonomic and display advancements that include Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor*, ultra-flexible Height Adjustable Stand*, Full HD 1080p*, 16:9 aspect ratio*, and advanced VA panels*. Businesses will gain the upper hand with praise-worthy eco-friendliness and unbeatable economic value, seen with reductions in global warming, CO2 emissions, e-waste, and energy costs. With no other supplier currently having the progressive vision to offer displays combining the “4E’s,” the BL Series clearly reinforces BenQ as the master in business solutions.

Work Smarter (and Happier) Now
The BL Series’ advanced technologies and “4E” concept simply make working at the monitor more comfortable, fun, and ultimately more efficient. First in the world to introduce superior Vertical Alignment (VA) LED-backlit panel technology to the corporate segment, BenQ has outfitted the 24” BL2400PT with premium VA panels that provide a 178 o ultra-wide viewing angle, truly authentic color, deeper blacks, and extreme contrast and clarity. Full HD 1080p resolution in 16:9 format on the 24” model will also please employees and make work a pleasure with exquisite, true-to-life picture quality. BenQ further promotes employee contentment by focusing on eye health. An integrated Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor continuously measures ambient lighting levels and adjusts the display’s brightness for maximum eye comfort, prolonged viewing, and reduced eye strain/fatigue. An around-the-clock Smart Reminder additionally alerts users when it’s time to follow the doctor-recommended 20/20/20 Rule for better eye health, relaxation, and focus: every 20 minutes, look away to a spot 20 feet away and blink 20 times. A matte-finish, anti-glare screen takes comfort a step further by eliminating annoying reflections. BL ergonomics combined with recommended usage guidelines like the 20/20/20 Rule greatly help office workers work smarter and happier, by avoiding Computer Vision Syndrome, such as dry eyes, headaches, eye fatigue, and blurred vision. Office professionals will also be sitting pretty and comfy with the BL’s ultra-flexible Height Adjustment Stand (HAS), which offers 90o flip (portrait viewing), +20 o back tilt, -5 o forward tilt, +45 o swivel, and a 130mm (5.1in.) height adjustment. With near custom positioning to each individual user, HAS eliminates common shoulder, neck, and back pain, which are common causes for employee down-time.

Better Business Sense
In addition to promoting a happy workforce, the BL Series makes perfect business sense when it comes to improving the bottom line and advocating corporate citizenship. The Series’ advanced LED backlight is in fact a triple benefit for companies, the planet, and users. First, LED technology uses up to 33% less energy versus traditional LCD displays, saving companies considerable costs. Second, BenQ’s mercury-free LED backlight lowers CO2 emissions and elongates product lifespan for less pollution and e-waste. Third, LED panels best their LCD counterparts in picture stability, brightness, and color for an overall superior viewing experience. Businesses, as well as the planet, further profit from the BL Series’ smart Eco Sensor. It is estimated that employees spend approximately 20% of their office time away from their monitors, often forgetting to turn their monitors off during that away time. BenQ’s Eco Sensor automatically detects when the user has left and instantly switches the display to eco mode. The display then instantly switches to normal mode once the user returns to the monitor. If the BL display detects that the user has been absent for a continuous two hours, it will then automatically switch from Eco Mode to Auto Power Off for even greater savings. When comparing the 22” Eco Sensor-equipped BL Series to a 22” LED monitor and a 22” CCFL monitor, the BL Series saves companies up to 25% and 42.5%, respectively, in energy costs, and the planet up to 25% and 43%, respectively, in lowered CO2 pollution. Additional costs-savings are seen in integrated speakers and seamless Display Port (DP) connectivity, a new digital interface for most all devices so that companies can avoid the dreaded IT phrase that their “existing equipment is obsolete.”

Lookin’ Great
The BL Series is designed to impress the corporate user and to blend beautifully and practically in office settings. Its sleek black design calls to mind “chic business attire,” and is made even more distinctive by a stylized symbol of “fortune” (found in Western and Eastern cultures) that runs along the display’s back and doubles as ventilation. Even the base of the display is made attractive and useful with a sunken tray for keeping pens, paper clips, and other stationery items organized.

* Features available on select models.

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