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BenQ & ZOWIE LED monitor – voor en door gamers

BenQ & ZOWIE LED monitor – voor en door gamers


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Everything you need to win your game!

EUROPE, September 30, 2010 - BenQ, a leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices and LED monitor expert, co-worked with ZOWIE GEAR, an innovative manufacturer of high-end professional gaming gears, along with the two legendary Counter-Strike players – Emil “HeatoN” Christensen and Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed for the unleashing of BenQ’s latest LED gaming monitor.

This is the first time professional gamers have been directly involved in the development of a flat-panel monitor for competitive gaming. BenQ recognizes that professional gamers possess indispensable experience and knowledge about display devices. The performance of monitors used is so critical that even the slightest flaw or performance boost affects the outcome of their play. By co-working with ZOWIE GEAR, BenQ can further use its expertise in the display product field to develop a product with aspects of competitive gaming in mind.

ZOWIE GEAR’s professional gamer teams joined in during the product development and testing stages and with HeatoN and SpawN taking part in the co-development, their professional expertise and experiences will make this coming product a truly professional LED gaming monitor.

HeatoN is a professional Swedish Counter-Strike player, and his achievements with teams such as “NiP” and “SK” are legendary in the gaming world. HeatoN is well known for his mastery of the "spray technique", his precise control of the mouse movements during the recoil of the gun as awed many fellow CS players. HeatoN is also known for the “Flash bang trick” and being the mastermind of several groundbreaking CS tactics. Although HeatoN is no longer playing actively, he is still widely regarded as one the best Counter-Strike players in the world.

SpawN, also a professional Swedish Counter-Strike player, is often referred to by gamers as “Living Legend”. He has won 12 worldwide CS championships, and also a member of legendary teams such as “NiP” and “SK”. His tremendous skill of using AK is been widely regarded as classic, and many of his video clips in YouTube has also been viewed over 60 million times. Being classed as legends alongside HeatoN and a few others, SpawN is also widely regarded as one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world.

ZOWIE GEAR reunited the two legends in 2009, the unity has brought forth much prosperity, a year on with an LED monitor much anticipated, co-developed by ZOWIE GEAR’s professional gamers, the two CS legends and BenQ. This new monitor has a smart design, and the design is there for one main purpose – to win. With god-like aims and skills like no other – HeatoN and SpawN see their enemy before they see them. Their reaction speed, knowledge and experience with the aid of the hardware help them take their enemies out. BenQ’s new LED monitor too will aid in deciding who receives the kill at a very vital moment.

More about the cooperation between HeatoN, SpawN and BenQ on BenQ's special Gaming Microsite.