BenQ MX750, de laatste generatie van zakelijke projectoren met de nieuwste technologische snufjes.

BenQ MX750, de laatste generatie van zakelijke projectoren met de nieuwste technologische snufjes.


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EUROPE, October 12, 2010 - With the launch of the MX750 DLP projector BenQ has set new technology standards for projectors. With its elegant black & white design and an XGA resolution of 1024 x 768, the MX750 fits ideally into any professional business setting and is perfectly suited for educational purposes. The main features are LAN-Control, LAN and USB display, USB reader and a large zoom factor (1.6 x).

With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, the new BenQ projector ensures the projection of ultra sharp colorful and vivid images or text that is easy to read. With a brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens and the XGA resolution everybody can see even the smallest details regardless of ambient light conditions.

Convenience and cost savings through wireless display
Thanks to its connectivity the MX750 offers interesting and cost-saving applications. Through LAN-display functionality and its own IP address, the new BenQ MX750 turns into a fully fledged network component and can be connected via LAN cable or router. The optional accessory – a wireless dongle – allows Wireless LAN. Therefore, there is no need to transfer video data via an analog or digital cable (D-Sub, HDMI, DVI), as the standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable allows direct access. Thus, companies and schools with existing networks will benefit from this convenient and affordable type of installation.

LAN display allows for complete control of the projector over the LAN - whether from a remote PC to the projector or from the projector to a remote PC. This is achieved using free software “BenQ Q Presenter”, which is included with every delivery.
Wireless display is an ideal and inexpensive alternative to video conferencing solutions: up to 4 monitors - for example, with participants via Skype - can be displayed simultaneously via a split screen. The BenQ MX750 can be also used for Digital Signage as the signal from one PC can be displayed via LAN on up to 8 different projectors. Thanks to the USB display the projector can be used even without a PC. Certain data formats can be directly screened from a USB flash drive. 

Whether as a mobile device in conference rooms or as a fixed ceiling mounted solution, for example, in schools, the high zoom factor of the new BenQ MX750 ensures the best results when it comes to its flexible installation and placement. The zoom ratio of 1:6 and its various settings allow for an excellent picture quality from any distance. Another advantage in terms of mobility is "Quick Cooling". This function reduces the cooling time by 60%. The built-in 20 watt speakers and a microphone jack complete the spectrum of features of the MX750.

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