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BenQ lanceert E1480 digitale camera met 5x zoom en breedbeeld

BenQ lanceert E1480 digitale camera met 5x zoom en breedbeeld


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5x Optical Zoom; 26mm Wide-Angle Lens; 14-megapixel; ISO 6400; Advanced Smart Scene; BenQ HDRII Image Enhancement Technology

EUROPE, December 2, 2010 – BenQ announced today an addition to its E-series digital camera lineup with the BenQ E1480 digital camera. The 14-megapixel E1480 is designed to make great photos easy whatever the subject or conditions which features an impressive 26mm wide-angle lens, lets you take advantage a powerful 5x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch bright LCD display, and supports a high sensitivity of up to ISO 6400. The compact E1480 is equipped with the upgraded the BenQ HDRII image enhancement technology and a full range of photo shooting modes, including advanced smart scene modes, LOMO effect, fisheye effect and color accent function – taking winner shots made more fun and easy.

Beautifully encased in a slim, anti-scratch metallic casing, the sleek E1480 is designed for those who prize portability and design without trading off image quality. With the equipped 26mm wide-angle lens and 5x optical zoom, E1480 allows users to easily capture photos of close-by or far-off such as a large group of friends and family, a beautiful landscape in panoramic view - all in spectacularly crisp and precise details.







Moreover, the camera’s 720p HD movie recording capability allows users to record sharp and lucid videos for every precious moment. More than just a backlight solution, the BenQ HDRII image enhancement technology is an upgraded version of the previously introduced HDR technology and is designed to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of the image and offers a perfect solution to overcome high contrast lighting conditions. Photos can be generated stunningly with precise colors and details in both bright and dark areas to high-resolution 14-megapixel images. Furthermore, HDR II enables users to preview what a photo will look like with HDR optimization applied, without having to take the photograph first, hence giving users more convenience and more control over picture quality.

The BenQ E1480 comes bundled with a full range of cool shooting modes which includes the “LOMO effect” which adds effects like dark-corners, off-kilter exposure, and over-saturated colors to your snapshots to turn your images into gallery-worthy works of art, “Fisheye effect” to get a wide-angle hemispherical view of your photographic subjects, adding a new source of fun and intriguing creative possibilities and a “Color accent” function that allows users to keep one selected color in the photo while having the rest converted into black and white, heightening their atmospherics and imbuing them with your own personality.

The advanced smart scene mode comes with a range of pre-configured settings for particular types of scenes that users need. The “Blink Detection” mode prompts the users when blink is detected so the photos can be re-taken right away while the “Love Portrait” mode automatically snaps when it detects one or two faces in frame making self-portrait-taking a breeze for you or your love ones. The “Beauty Enhancer” mode smoothens out skin tones for delightful facial photos without the need to re-edit them elsewhere.

Please check the product page of E1480 for more information.