Geen wazige beelden meer met de nieuwe S1410 O.I.S. camera van BenQ

Geen wazige beelden meer met de nieuwe S1410 O.I.S. camera van BenQ


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EUROPE, January 3, 2011 – BenQ announced the expansion of its S series digital camera lineup today – S1410 digital camera. A generous 14 Megapixels; 5x optical zoom lens; 5cm Super Macro focus and 26mm Wide-Angel lens with O.I.S feature, S1410 targets young megapixel-hungry consumers, who values compact and mobility of their camera when going out. BenQ’s S1410 high megapixels lets user take lushly detailed, gorgeously crisp photos and its anti-shake feature ensures that camera movement would not ruin an otherwise perfect shot.

The O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) feature on S1410 prevents blur on shots. S1410 is the first O.I.S. equipped compact camera from BenQ. As O.I.S. is the most powerful technology for anti-shake, this amazing feature compensates for unintended camera movements or slow shutter speeds to deliver crisply rendered, sharp and crystal clear images.

The 5cm Super Macro delivers the same level of magnification and detail at 5 centimeters as conventional macro provides at 3 centimeters. The super macro mode lets user enjoy the benefit of taking easy and effective close-up shots.

The combination of the 26mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom makes the S1410 the ideal camera companion for every occasion. Never fret on how everything can fit into the frame with the wide-angle lens, the 26mm focal distance enables users capture a larger area, capturing everyone in frame even in a close-up group photo.







S1410’s 720p HD movie recording capability allows users to record crisply detailed, brilliant and vivid HD videos when not even a great photo can capture the action. The highlights of one’s life can now be preserved in big, beautiful movies. The 14 megapixel sensor and 1/2.33” CCD sensor is powerful, but users do not have to worry about the blemishes that photographs often make more obvious than in real. Taken with the “Face Beautifier”, it softens skin tones and removes wrinkles and blemishes whilst preserving a natural appearance without the need to re-edit them elsewhere.

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