BenQ’s E24 & E26 LED TV – dé keuze voor een tweede TV

BenQ’s E24 & E26 LED TV – dé keuze voor een tweede TV


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True 8-bit VA Panel | BenQ Senseye Technology | 3,000:1 Ultra-High Contrast Ratio | HDMI Ready | SRS TruSurround HD | USB 2.0 Multimedia | Child Lock | Sleep Timer

EUROPE, January 28, 2011 – Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, BenQ, proudly announced the release of their latest LED TVs – E24-5500 (24” LED TV) and E26-5500 (26” LED TV). With 1080p Full HD (E24-5500), BenQ Senseye® Technology, 24P Real Cinema mode and ultra-high contrast ratios (3,000:1), BenQ aims to spoil those who are looking for a second quality television set in their bedroom without comprising the exceptional cinematic experience.

These VA LED-based panels (supported by AUO) combined with an ultra high contrast ratio (3,000:1) display blacks more accurately. The high static contrast ratios enable these LED TVs process bright and dark images to reveal exceptional detail definitions and perfectly adapt to every individual scene, providing true black, deeper colour and detailed-definition to reveal the imperceptible elements enshrouded in the darkest scenes. VA panels’ advantages combined with a wide tilt range (-6º/+17º) lets viewers watch their favourite shows comfortably no matter where their VA LED TV is placed – Even when it is situated higher than the bed, the VA LED TV can be adjusted to suit the viewers’ line of sight.

E24-5500 and E26-5500 allow viewers to experience colours like no others with BenQ’s true 8-bit panel. True 8-bit panel presents natural details smoothly rendered by 16.7M color shades with interpolated 24-bit true color. The E24-5500 also supports full HD 16:9 1080p resolution, resulting in the perfection of uncompressed, crystal clear images with 100% dot-to-dot viewing quality. The subtlest details are rendered to stand out with richer, more realistic colors, making your viewing experience even more absorbing.

When playing 24P encoded content through HDMI on E24-5500 and E26-5500, BenQ’s 24P Real Cinema mode adds duplicate frames to reduce unnatural artifacts and because the original video does not have to be converted into 60Hz with 3:2 pull-down, image judders are less likely to occur. The 24P Real Cinema mode and BenQ’s Senseye® Human Vision Technology on both E24-5500 and E26-5500 provide its viewers with a truly genuine cinematic visual experience.

Furthermore, viewers are able to enjoy their favorite music in SRS TruSurround HD. This technology provides users the best audio experience with rich bass, crisp highs and clear dialog directly from speakers inside, without additional messy wires and devices. The enjoyment of music and other multimedia is made even easier with the obvious trend of storage in USB device; E24-5500 and E26-5500 provide the viewers the convenience to play their favorite movies, music and share photos through the USB multimedia support.

E24-5500 and E26-5500 comes with Sleep Timer. With Sleep Timer, a time can be set so the TV will turn itself off, in case the viewer dozes off, making sure that their slumber will not be disturbed. Also, E24-5500 and E26-5500 are family-friendly – the Child Lock feature will lift the burden of the parents’ worries. Specific time and date can be set to ensure children do not stay up too late and specific channels can be blocked to ensure the media consumed are relevant to their upbringing.

The designers at BenQ stayed true to BenQ’s design philosophy when they crafted E24-5500 and E26-5500 – with deep beautiful diamond cut surface and the well-designed stand polished into a smooth mirror shine. An elegant metaphoric expression on the premium material, reflecting the LED TV set creating a feeling that it is sitting on a calm peaceful lake, endlessly reflecting upon itself. The LED TVs original and smooth design aesthetic keep them Lookin’ Great.

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