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BenQ lanceert de handzame AE100 digitale camera

BenQ lanceert de handzame AE100 digitale camera


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F2.4 27mm wide angle lens | 5x Optical Zoom | 2.7” LCD | Panorama | 6400 ISO

Son, 5 december, 2011 - Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle solutions, BenQ, announces the expansion of its digital cameras lineup with the AE100. This camera, featuring a 14 megapixel sensor, aims to please young adults with its fun features as well as industry standard specifications, a perfect companion as one’s very first digital camera.

One proud feature of AE100 is the F2.4 aperture lens, which helps reduce the effect of camera shake under low-light condition. This brighter lens gathers twice the amount of light in comparison to a typical compact camera lens (F3.1 - 3.2), so indoor shots or low light scenes can be taken without the use of flash and with less noise, producing images with smooth and natural light.

The designers in BenQ derived to this new slim and diamond pattern design from the demand of the younger generation, their target audience, putting the AE100 users in the spotlight regardless of the occasion.

Take shots from afar and capture the entire scenery in one single shot using the panorama feature. BenQ included a frame by frame guide to ease the creation of the panoramic view desired. On the other hand, with the 5cm super macro, shots can be taken from 5cm away, for shots needing the incredible details and intimate feel with subjects.

The AE100 gives its users the chance to discover their inner artist with some delightful special effects that bring fun of photography to the next level. The LOMO, FISHEYE, and COLOR ACCENT are some of the features that will also give the users’ shots a unique and personal touch.

BenQ’s new AE100 comes in silver and red diamond design. For more information about the BenQ AE100, please click here.