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Leg al uw ruige avonturen vast met BenQ's eerste waterproof camera LM100

Leg al uw ruige avonturen vast met BenQ's eerste waterproof camera LM100


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Waterproof* | Freezeproof | Shockproof | Dustproof | 14-megapixel | 4x Optical Zoom | 2.7” LCD Display | Fun-packed Features

EUROPE, April 5, 2012 – Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle solutions, BenQ, announces the first waterproof* camera model of its LM series with the LM100, providing pleasing news to adventurous consumers who crave for a fun and stylish camera that can be suited to their active and adventurous lifestyle. The 14-megapixel LM100 offers a 4-way protection against water, freeze, shock and dust, and comes equipped with a 4x optical zoom, a large 2.7” LCD display and a wide range of fun features.

Aquatic moments can now be easily captured and treasured without the worries of the camera getting wet. LM100 can be used underwater to a depth of up 5 meters for a duration of 2-hour. The featured “Underwater Mode” further enhances the underwater images by adding depth and bringing true-to-life colours.

Being waterproof*, the rugged LM100 would naturally be present on beaches, so having a protection against small particles like dust and sand makes it perfect for the beaches, sporting events, or even the desert dunes and windy hills.

Tailored to suit any adventures, LM100 is an ideal camera for those who frequent activities involving extreme cold weather conditions such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing, as it is freezeproof up to -10°C. Let this tough camera handle the winter chills or the frosty snow.

Furthermore, the versatile LM100 is built to handle the unpredictable mishaps of the great outdoors with its shockproof protection. The LM100 is resistant to falls from up to 1.5 meters - for a piece of mind when capturing memories during the adventurous moments.

Other features on LM100 includes: “Color Accent” to highlight and dramatize the images taken; “Panorama Mode” for a sweeping panoramic photo; “Web Auction” for the option of adding two to four images into one collage-style photo; “LOMO Effect” for a cool, retro feel from an authentic LOMO camera, adding an artistic flare to all the spontaneous moments; “Fisheye mode” to recreate the distortion of a fisheye lens for a hemispherical image and “HDR” on LM100 can automatically adjust the luminance and contrast of a scene with live preview.

BenQ’s new rugged waterproof* digital camera, LM100, is available in Europe starting from April 2012. Please visit BenQ LM100 product page for more information.

* In accordance to IPX8 Standard