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Monitor Light ScreenBar

  • Auto dimming by built-in ambient light sensor

  • Specially designed clip for instant hassle-free setup

  • Zero reflective glare off the screen


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e-Reading Lamp

Simplify the complicated,
Eliminate the excess

Auto Dimming - Space Saving - No Screen Glare


Enhance work pleasure
Relieve eye strain

When working all day,
Don’t abuse your eyes!.

Research shows that we work on the computer for an average of 5.7 hours each day. Staring at the screen for so long causes eye irritation.
To eliminate this discomfort, enough rest helps, but the key to relieving eye strain is sufficient lighting.

Eye care: brightness is key

The American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting recommends an illuminance level of 500 lux.

Let’s light up the work!
However there are problems with traditional lamps.

e-Reading lamp

Auto Dimming - Space Saving - No Screen Glare


Simple & Clever
Auto Dimming
no guessing, just knowing

The built-in ambient light sensor automatically illuminates to 500 lux

How bright is right? No need to guess anymore! The ScreenBar e-Reading lamp is equipped with a sensor that promptly detects the ambient light and then supplements it automatically.

* Under normal circumstances, auto-dimming mode will illuminate to 500 lux. While in a dimly-lit room (under 50 lux), the lamp automatically adjusts illuminance to 300 lux, thereby eliminating the discomfort caused by strong light contrasts.

Space Saving

no base, more space

The patented clip design instantly attaches to any monitor

With BenQ’s unique design, there is no need for tape or screws that damage your computer.

Glare Free

no reflection, only precision lighting

The asymmetrical optical design ensures zero reflective glare off the screen

Our ScreenBar e-Reading lamp has an asymmetrical, optical design that only illuminates the desk and doesn’t shine on the screen, thereby avoiding reflective glare.

Traditional lamps
ScreenBar e-Reading lamp
The whole working area is crystal clear

The 500 lux illumination of your desk ensures that you see everything in front of the screen clearly.

We have envisioned the ultimate light for your needs.
Quality LED light source ensures proper eye care.

Compliant with IEEE PAR1789 regulation of flicker in LED lighting

No blue-light hazard

IEC/TR 62778 assessment deemed it free of blue-light hazard

Adjustable color temperature, to increase efficiency and comfort

All eight colors are compliant with the ANSI white color standard.

For comfort, the warm light lets you relax and replenishes your energy.

While working, the cool light allows you to concentrate and boosts efficiency.

USB powered
No extra wires, just USB

Whether it is a computer, phone charger or power bank, any USB outlet can power the ScreenBar and light up your desk. Once you turn it on, the ScreenBar resumes with the brightness and color temperature settings you last used to energetically welcome you back to work!

* If a phone charger or power bank is used, make sure the power output is 5V and it supplies at least 1 A.
* Use only the USB cable (Micro USB cable) provided to power the lamp. Use of a USB extension cable can result in malfunctions.


Eliminate the excess, only keep what you need!

Simple usage for greater convenience

The touch control design allows you to easily turn on the light and adjust the brightness or color temperature. With a light touch, the Auto Dimmer Mode is activated. Everything for your convenience!

Simplified design for premium quality

After losing the unnecessary parts, we kept only a clean shape and the essentials. That means no painted or printed layers, only the durable aluminum alloy and high-quality engineering polymer.

International safety certifications
Material safety

The materials we have used all comply with the EU RoHS (2002/95/EC) standards, guaranteeing they do not contain any unsafe heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury.

Blue-light hazard evaluation

The LED sources all pass the European Union IEC/TR 62778 light source assessment and blue-light hazard and thus are classified as risk-free light sources.