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benq entertainment monitors HDRi and superior built-in speakers offer a more immersive entertainment experience for multimedia enthusiasts
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Kiedy jesteś u siebie, możesz imprezować tak jak lubisz.

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Select the Scene. Get Ready.

You know how to enjoy it best.

Movie Watching

Immerse in your movie night at home without disturbing or being disturbed.

benq entertainment monitors let you immerse in the midnight movie at home

Choose your home cinema viewing, simply press a button to adjust.

benq entertainment monitors brings cinematic watching experience
Fun Gaming

You'd game on and on with tear-free and optimized visuals.

benq entertainment monitors give you tear-free and optimized views
Premium Audio. Zero Clutter.

Integrated sound systems bring truly expansive sound to your movies, binge- watching and gaming. Take your audiovisual enjoyment to the next level along with instant audio excellence without cable mess.

Clear the clutter of external speakers and let benQ entertainment monitors integrated sound system elevate your A/V experience
Party Your Way

It’s simple. Set ergonomic height and tilt settings to your ideal levels. Press the button to adjust the setting you want. All you need to do is select your content and settle in for a great time!

Set ergonomic height and tilt settings to your ideal levels. Party with your way with benq entertainment monitors
benq’s industry-leading eye-care tech reduces eye strain headaches and fatigue while improving viewer comfort
Keep Your Eyes Happy

Whether you’re binge-watching or working from home, built-in eye care technology helps to keep your eyes comfortable and fresh.