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BenQ Carry Case for GV31 Projector

  • Designed with a sleek and elegant case that perfectly complements the GV31 projector and its accessories.

  • Equipped with a half-mesh pocket and a soft interior surface, providing optimal protection during transportation.

  • Compact Dimensions (L x Wx H): 315 x 245 x 150 mm; 12.4 x 9.6 x 5.9 inches


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BenQ GV31 Carry Case let you travel with your GV31 portable projector safely
Grab Your GV31 and Go with Confidence
BenQ GV31 Carry Case is your customized protection for GV31 projector
Customized Protection

Crafted to secure your GV31 projector, this stylish case guarantees easy portability wherever you're off to.

Stay Organized

Engineered with purposeful compartments, it not only shields your projector but also neatly arranges accessories like the remote control and power bank in its half-mesh pocket.

BenQ GV31 Carry Case make your accessories like power bank and remote control stay organized
Modern Minimalism

Precise stitching, premium materials, and an artful interior lining unite to deliver unmatched protection for your travel and storage necessities.

BenQ GV31 Carry Case is design in modern look