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4K Laser Ultra Short Throw Home Theater Smart Projector with 98% DCI-P3, HDR-PRO, Android TV | V7000i

  • Accurate CinematicColor with 98% DCI-P3 Super Wide Color Gamut

  • Laser Light-Source 4K UHD resolution with HDR-PRO technology supported by HDR10/HLG

  • Replaces the TV in your Living Room with a Large 100” Projected Screen and has Google-certified Android TV embedded


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• Projector warranty: 3 years (excluding light source) 

• Light Source warranty: 5 years or 20,000 hours (whichever comes first)

W2700 delivers the highest level of image accuracy to satisfy cinema fanatics’ taste
Welcome to Your Personal Theater

The best home cinema experience just got even better! Soak in all the bright stunning details and every layered nuance. Marvel at how the vibrancy and the intensity of the colors are uniformly delivered to a huge 100” and larger projected screen. Revel in the uncompromising image quality and outstanding contrast control even in brightly lit environments. The ultimate experience in laser TV entertainment is now available for your home in a chic design.

True 4K UHD 8.3 Million Pixels

CinematicColorTM 98% DCI-P3

HDR-PROTM Technology

Google-Certified Android TV

CinematicColor for Colors as Director’s Envisioned

The truly astonishing color rendition is possible thanks to 98% coverage of the super wide DCI-P3. The range of colors that can be reproduced encompasses a significantly greater visible spectrum compared to that of the Rec. 709 color space alone. Objects appear more realistic, with a more truthful depiction of both the number of colors used and the subtle gradations possible, allowing images to be more faithfully rendered in the way directors envisioned.

See More Colors with 1.3X Bigger Color Volume

Even in a brightly lit room, spectacularly rich, vivid colors come to life thanks to the latest in laser projection technology. With color volume level 1.3 times greater than other laser TVs in the same class, you can truly relish the visual impact of a 100” display in true 4K format. Transform any bright room into a cinema-grade box office premiere experience.

BenQ HDR Projectors
Other HDR Projectors
HDR-PRO Shows More Detail

Designed to extract the maximum detail out of an image, the HDR-PRO technology dynamically adjusts contrast levels between the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows with projector-optimized tone mapping with dynamic light source dimming for perfect balance.

Filmmaker Mode

BenQ shares the same values as the UHD Alliance, therefore the V7000i come prepared with Filmmaker Mode. Experience movies and television shows in your home as they were intended by the filmmakers. Filmmaker Mode enables your Laser TV to display the movie or television show precisely as it was intended by the filmmaker for a genuine cinema experience. These class-leading features all work together to ensure that images are rendered more accurately and delivered in the way it was originally intended.

What is Filmmaker mode?

What is Filmmaker mode?

Filmmakers, Hollywood studios, consumer electronics companies and the UHD Alliance have collaborated to make this next-level home theater viewing experience possible. By disabling all post-processing (e.g. motion smoothing) and preserving the correct aspect ratios, colors and frame rates, Filmmaker Mode enables your TV to display the movie or television show’s content precisely as it was intended by the filmmaker.

One Projector. Endless Entertainment.
One Google Account for Seamless Streaming Fun

Enjoy entertainment tailored for you effortlessly. With a Google-certified Android TV projector, your favorite content is always front and center. Find your next binge or revisit an old favorite with ease and convenience.

5,000+ of the Latest Apps from Google Play

Enjoy 5,000+ of the latest Android apps, movies, TV shows, live sports, news, games, music, and more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices, there’s something here for everyone to love.

Amazon Prime Video Originals

One-button app access to exclusive Amazon Prime originals and a huge collection of 4K movies and shows.

Netflix only supports specific authorized devices and is not natively available on BenQ smart home projectors. Please follow these recommended viewing procedures.

How to watch Netflix

Stream Netflix content through your laptop's Google Chrome browser or connect through an HDMI cable.
1. Using a laptop (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) for wireless streaming

Make sure both the projector and laptop are connected to the same wireless network. Broadcast using the Google Chrome browser: Visit the Netflix website → Select "Broadcast desktop" → Select "Android TV Dongle QS01" → Select the screen where is located → Watch Netflix content on the projector.

2. Use an HDMI cable

Stream content using an HDMI cable by connecting to an HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2) port.

Home Cinema Surround Sound

For the ultimate cinematic atmosphere, the V7000i can be connected to an external sound system via dual HDMI 2.0b and SPDIF ports. Whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, you can always enjoy great audio.

How to connect your Laser TV projector to external audio?

Acoustic Excellence

The V7000i also offers built-in speaker. The V7000i’s treVolo-tuned 5Wx2 virtual surround stereo speakers with a tweeter and a woofer in the left/right cabinet, use acoustic and psychoacoustic science to perfectly balance the sound quality. They put out an impressively punchy and powerful sound for speakers of that size.

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Undistorted Lows & Clearer Highs

The patented correction algorithm of the speaker powered by MaxxAudio and psychoacoustic tuning allow for a better 3D surround sound with more detailed highs, and more powerful vocals. At the same time, they achieve an excellent cinematic bass sound while preserving exquisitely detailed highs.

Natural, gentle & distortion-free bass

The unique speaker cone made with short and long fiber-paper pulp formula and Nitrile-butadine rubber (NBR) edges, offers superior acoustic suspension and lower bass sounds, creating more natural vocals.

Midrange Tweeter
Crisp, Pure Mids & Highs

High-quality silk film membrane with a horn-like design for more evenly distributed treble.

Reinforced Structure to Reduce Resonance

The 5mm thick walls reinforce the structural integrity of the cabinet, making it resilient, reliable, and greatly reducing the resonance caused by vibrations from the driver. At the same time, the NBR vibration membrane can withstand the massive acceleration force generated by electromagnetic circuits.

Home Theater, Redefined

The unobtrusive, yet aesthetic exterior design of the V7000i brings a stylish home décor touch and eliminates the need for complicated wiring.

Comfortable, eye strain-free viewing
Brighter, 20,000 hours long life span with laser light-source
Ultra-short throw & compact wiring
Preparing the Room before you Purchase the Laser TV

Before you get started though, there are some important pieces of information regarding the installation process that act as a tip-sheet and will assist you. Don’t worry, installation is very easy.

How Light Resistant Screens Maximize Your Laser TV Enjoyment

Choosing the right projection screen is the first step to getting the most out of your Laser TV Projector.

Add Style to Your Lifestyle

Designed with a pragmatic attitude and elegance.

A. Eye protection sensor

The integrated Eye Protection Motion Sensor detects if someone is hovering the projector and will instantly switch off the laser light source

B. Automatic sunroof design

The sunroof on the top automatically opens when in use and closes when the projector is not in use, avoiding dust build-up and exposing the lens

C. Dust-reducing louver design
D. Integrated Screen Size Measuring Tool

  • Eye protection sensor
  • Automatic sunroof design
  • Dust-reducing louver design
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