Your Needs Matter

The world is reshaped by display technology. As a leader of this transformation, we endeavor to explore all possibilities to develop comprehensive display solutions that create value for your customers in diverse fields. Our vast product portfolio forms the foundation of a wide range of integrated solutions that deliver unique and expansive display experiences. Our customer-centric philosophy guides us to your increasing requirements for efficiency, quality and performance. Responding with our expertise in design and execution of futureproof solutions supported by world-class service, we make change visible for you.

A Tradition of Display Excellence

To affect visible change, we bring our core competencies of technology leadership and ergonomic design to bear on specialized solutions to meet your needs. Fortified by our vertically integrated display industry value chain, we are committed to continued innovation which creates market trends.

With over 30 years of display market expertise, we are the world’s No. 1 DLP projector brand and the internationally acclaimed authority in interactive education displays. Our mission-critical monitors for photography and design markets precisely address user requirements and define the professional segments of the monitor market. And progressive eye-care technology is one example of our dedication to advance the state of monitor and Interactive Flat Panel technologies, resulting in numerous global awards including the 2015 Best New Technology Innovation DIGI Award for our special signage. Our industry proficiency and resources, validated by market success and recognition, uniquely position us to provide paradigm-changing visual solutions for you.

Solutions to Fulfill Diversified Needs

To fulfill the ever-changing needs for enjoyment and quality in life, we ensure every featured technology is a state-of-the-art innovation. With the solid support of unrivaled synergies, R&D resources and the leading panel manufacturing know-how, BenQ has been constantly bringing to the world the new possibilities for digital display devices and visual technology.

Make Imagination Visible - Visual Display Solution

The BenQ visual display solution challenges the status quo with leading display technology for mesmerizing performance, high visibility and ultimate flexibility to power retail, showrooms, entertainment venues and public displays. Every interaction matters, so we enable you to engage customers at the right time and the right place. This is how our professional projector and digital signage panel (DSP) product lines are defined, creating innovative visual experiences to make imagination visible. Our global No.1 DLP leadership position culminates in pioneering BlueCore laser technology that drives large-scale public displays with screen enlargement, unique projection adjustment and the flexibility to handle diverse AV set ups. With advanced dual-sided display and the world’s slimmest aero-thin panel design, our digital signage panels deliver superior service life, eye-catching innovation and installation in unexpected places to grab attention and captivate imagination.

Make Possibilities Visible - Education Display Solution

Committed to advancing education and inspiring students through interactive instruction and collaboration, we put deliberate thought into long-term solutions for evolving educational needs with innovations to take academics to the next level and truly make possibilities visible. We prepare schools for sharing, interaction and collaboration as well as emerging demands for cloud instruction and distance learning. Our forward thinking for solutions accommodate classes large or small and align with new developments in teaching methodology. Our education projectors and interactive flat panels (IFP) are designed with principles of human engineering and eye-care technology to help educators reach new horizons for healthy and engaging environment and technology-based instruction, delivering visionary perspectives on teaching and learning possibilities.

Make Inspiration Visible - Corporate Display Solution

We see BYOD as an agent of progress in the corporate landscape as well as an opportunity to revolutionize display technology for the modern enterprise. Our highly reliable integrated systems deliver the installation flexibility, low maintenance cost and powerful efficiency to unlock unlimited mobility and ubiquitous connectivity in the workplace to foster synergistic collaboration and make inspiration visible. Selecting either our interactive flat panels (IFP) or corporate projectors, our comprehensive product range spans from essential functionality for small conference rooms to powerhouses for large seminar halls and boardrooms, augmenting processes and working methods with dynamic connectivity and collaboration. Comprising integrated systems optimized for the mobile workforce, our corporate display solution empowers your customers to visualize and realize technology-driven efficiency, productivity and instant inspiration.

Make Expertise Visible - Specialty Display Solution

We understand that professionals need sharp color accuracy and unrivaled image quality for design-focused work. That’s why we create specialty display solutions ingeniously engineered to meet the most specialized needs, maximize work efficiency and ultimately make expertise shine. Manufactured to the internationally recognized standard for medical devices, our diagnostic and surgical displays are designed to meet healthcare professionals’ specific requirements with accurate grayscale or color rendering. For creative design projects, photography, color management-related processes and post-production, we provide specialized monitors and projectors, empowering professionals to work with world-certified color accuracy, brightness uniformity and stunning image resolution-so that they can let their big ideas truly shine.