EZWrite 5

Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • Cloud Whiteboard and Sticky Notes for Classrooms
  • Floating tool allows teachers to annotate over any image, document, webpage, app or video
  • Save files to personal cloud storage and then access them in any classroom
  • Dual pens for simultaneous collaboration with different colours
  • Tools to enhance the classroom including a calculator, geometry and a stopwatch
Special Promotion
    EZWrite 5 Interactive Whiteboard Software
    • Cloud Whiteboard and Sticky Notes for Classrooms
    • Floating tool allows teachers to annotate over any image, document, webpage, app or video
    • Save files to personal cloud storage and then access them in any classroom
    Special Promotion
      Smooth Real-Time Collaboration
      Cloud Whiteboard with Video Conferencing

      EZWrite Live connects teachers with students around the world. Ideal for in-class and distance learning alike, the service allows students to participate in lectures from their personal devices. Teachers can utilize EZWrite Live to import teaching materials or use it as a cloud whiteboard. The integrated video conferencing simulates the classroom experience, further boosting interactivity.

      Cloud Whiteboard and Sticky Notes for Classrooms

      Packed with teacher- and student-friendly features, BenQ’s EZWrite 5 is the leading annotation solution for interactive and collaborative classroom scenarios. Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the IFP and mobile devices.

      Cloud Brainstorming Tools and Sticky Notes for Business

      EZWrite 5 is also the perfect brainstorming platform for businesses to boost concentration and inspiration. Even when meeting over long distances, participants can enjoy the benefits of a whiteboard for sharing and bouncing ideas off each other. Most importantly, EZWrite 5 is true to its name – it’s simple and straightforward to use.

      Instant Access to the Cloud

      EZWrite 5 allows teachers to directly download and upload files to cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Exclusive to EZWrite 5, this convenient cloud access makes it easy for teachers to modify their materials and bring them everywhere.

      * To use this feature, the teacher’s personal cloud storage must first be connected to BenQ Account Management System (AMS)

      Saving Files with EZWrite 5

      Step1. Save your file

      Step2. Choose your cloud storage

      Loading Files with EZWrite 5

      Step.1 Download a file from your cloud stroage

      Step2. Open the file directly in EZWrite 5

      Flexible Anytime Annotation
      Adjustable Screen Capture Regions and Easy Import

      With EZWrite’s Floating Tool, teachers can capture screen shots of anything on the screen, including content from apps, websites, and videos from any source. They can then import this content into EZWrite 5 for further discussion and annotation on a brand new page.

      Step1. Press the Screen Shot button on the Floating Tool

      Step2. Capture on-screen content directly on the IFP

      Step3. Import to EZWrite 5 and make annotations

      Maximum Compatibility and Multiple Brush Types

      Offering more options than ever before, EZWrite 5 expands the digital writing experience by allowing teachers to use digital pens, calligraphy brushes, and more when annotating on the IFP. Meanwhile, the Floating Tool provides the capability to write on top of any app, image, or video. These handy features make annotation effortless and give users more control over which apps, documents, and programs they’d like to use.

      Dual Pens for Simultaneous Collaboration with Different Colors

      EZWrite 5 comes with dual pens that allow two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors, making it ideal for lively classroom activities.

      Additionally, teachers can now create a more engaging learning experience by using separate pens to write and highlight with two different colors, eliminating the need to change the pen’s color while delivering a lesson.

      Brush Mode for Creative Education

      The EZWrite 5 is ideal for creative, inspired creation in art classes. Users are guaranteed to enjoy an effortless experience that feels like writing and drawing with actual pens and brushes.

      Intelligent Handwriting Recognition

      EZWrite’s handwriting recognition feature allows users to instantly convert written text, numbers, forms, and drawings into easily legible digital text without having to switch modes.

      Tap and Create

      Teachers can directly open EZWrite 5 with a simple tap of the IFP’s NFC sensor and immediately begin creating vibrant notes with various colored pencils, backgrounds, and palm erasers. This quick and convenient access streamlines teaching flow and helps keep students focused.

      Floating Tool

      EZWrite’s built-in Floating Tool empowers teachers to write on top of any app, video, website, document, or image. Whether using Windows, Mac, or Chrome, a teacher can take notes on top of any on-screen content and save them. The Floating Tool also offers a smooth writing experience when used with HDMI, VGA, and other signal sources, ensuring maximum flexibility.

      A Teaching Assistant That’s Always Ready to Help
      Tools to Enhance the Classroom

      By giving teachers the capability to place Sticky Notes on the background screen, EZWrite 5 lets teachers save important notes in an easy to find place. The background also features shortcut icons to a trio of fun, useful teaching tools. Calculator lets teachers perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately as the class watches, while Timer and Stopwatch are two excellent tools for managing classroom time and holding time-based team competitions. Finally, Geometry can straighten out roughly drawn shapes and import them into EZWrite’s main screen so that teachers’ materials always looks professional.

      EZWrite 5 Tutorial Video