Immersive and Simulation Projection

The Ultimate Immersive Experience

BenQ's Immersive and Simulation projectors offer a wide range of applications, making them ideal for creating an immersive experience for spectators. They can transform any space into an immersive environment, and set up in various shapes and sizes, including; cylinders, cubes, caves, domes, and even custom-made scenarios.

Special Features

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White Balance Adjustment in Factory

Factory calibrated white balance across different projectors ensuring consistent and accurate image quality for multi projector installations.

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Wide Corner Fit Adjustment

Flexible corner adjustment of each image up to 300 pixels making it easy to fill the screen properly.

360 Degree Installation

360 Degree Installation and Portrait

Dynamic installation options, such as 360° rotation and portrait applications for ceiling, walls, floors or angled projection.

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3D Edge Blending

Built-in 3D sync in and out connects up to 4 projectors without additional third-party 3D blending box, and projects 3D content with a single PC.

Short Throw

Throw Ratio

A wide range of short throw projectors from 0.25 - 1.1 throw ratio for efficient projection with minimal shadow in limited spaces.

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Fast Mode

Quicker response time and smoother display for high-speed projection with a low latency of 8.3ms (@WUXGA/120Hz)

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Lens Lock

The focus and lens zoom can be locked, eliminating the risk of accidental adjustment of the image. The metal lens barrel also gives a more stable and accurate zoom and focus adjustment compared to a plastic lenses.

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Tilt-Shift Lens

With an enhanced optical mechanism, the lens can shift the centre of the projection relative to the surface, which controls the plane of focus and corrects the perspective distortion by effectively straightening the lines of the projected image.

Projection Services

Projector experts at BenQ have the technical know-how required to assist you in choosing the best projection option for your AV or simulation needs by offering a full tailor-made consultation service.

Projection Planning

Our projection planning service includes 3D modeling of the projection in any scenario, using technical drawings to specify the appropriate projectors based on installation requirements.

Technical Consultation

After creating a detailed 3D model of the projection, our expert advisors provide the most suitable projection solution for your space, ensuring all requirements are met.

How it works?

Projector experts at BenQ have the technical know-how required to assist you in choosing the best projection option for your AV or simulation needs by offering a full tailor-made consultation service.

Solution Planning

Reach out to us and share any of your AV or simulation project requirements with our projection experts.

Digital Setup

Through 3D modelling, we assess your space dimensions and projection requirements to recommend the most-suited BenQ projectors.

Installation Partners

For all your hardware and software solution needs, such as multi-projector setups and edge blending, we collaborate with partners who can assist with AV installation.

Aftersales Support

Purchasing a projector from BenQ does not mean that the sales process has ended. Our experts are there for you to give consultations for any challenges.

Related Applications

BenQ's Immersive and Simulation projectors are ideal for displaying content in museums, galleries, exhibitions, planetariums, and other similar spaces. They produce bright, high-contrast images that make digital content look more realistic and offer reliable operation. Designed for today's diverse simulation scenarios, BenQ's projectors provide exceptional colour accuracy that brings out stunning, crisp details and amaze the viewing audience.

Training Simulation

Recreate detail-rich, lifelike images with excellent contrast that produce sharp and vibrant colours. Advanced features in simulation projectors enable consistent, hassle-free operation with fewer interruptions. Simulation projectors are suitable for applications such as flight, racing, and medical training scenarios.

Recommended Products:

Museum and Entertainment

Showcase informative or interesting content with consistent, true-to-life images that captivate spectators and enhance their experience. Museum and entertainment projector solutions are suitable for a range of applications, including floor projections, exhibitions, and playgrounds.

Recommended Products:

Immersive Projection

Convey the breathtaking splendour of your content with high-resolution visuals that capture spectators' attention and immerse them in the experience. While immersive projectors are commonly used in planetariums, they can also enhance productivity and collaboration when used for interactive learning in the education sector and workspaces.

Recommended Products:

Get in Touch with a Simulation Expert

With high installation flexibility, true-to-life colour performance, and centralised management, we deliver full projection services. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.

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