BenQ Next-Gen SmartEco Energy-Saving Technology is business best cost-savings choice
Next-Gen SmartEcoTM

Energy-Efficient Laser Projectors

Maximise energy efficiency while maintaining
optimal image quality

Industry-leading Performance
Exceptional Energy-Saving Technology for SSI Projectors

Energy Efficient


Cost Saving

Rich Image Colour

Enhanced Image Contrast

Maximised Savings, Uncompromised Performance

BenQ SmartEcoTM technology adjusts light source power intelligently without sacrificing image quality, saving up to 70% more energy than traditional Eco Mode.

BenQ next-gen SmartEco technology with the most power saving and the best image quality
BenQ SmartEco™ Savings for 5 Years of Ownership
Save Power and Reduce Maintenance Costs for Your Business

Power saved

CO₂ reduced

Trees saved


*Test results based on the models of 4000lm lamp projector normal mode vs 4000lm lamp-free projector SmartEco™ mode

* The usage base: 6hrs/day ; 200days/year

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BenQ SmartEco™ Technology
Have it All: Energy Efficiency and Image Performance

Unlike conventional Eco Mode, SmartEcoTM technology adjusts light source power by intelligently adapting to the content without sacrificing image quality, delivering optimal performance.

Better Output

Longer Lifespan

Improved Performance

Exclusive Algorithms
Image Sensing Technology

BenQ uses exclusive algorithms, based on extensive research on business presentations, to swiftly identify the time for energy-saving actions. This ensures that the light source operates efficiently, delivering deep blacks for dark images and bright whites for light images, while maintaining optimal colour reproduction with enhanced contrast.

how BenQ SmartEco technology works

Image Scanning

The chip scans the projected image to figure out the brightness required

Data Calculating

Smart algorithms determine the optimal power level accordingly

Light Driving

The light source and colour wheel are then driven to display the best visual results

Easily Increase Energy-Efficiency

Instantly reduce energy by activating the SmartEcoTM function and other automatic energy-saving features.


SmartEcoTM Mode

Dynamically adjusts light source power level by intelligently adapting to the content to deliver optimal performance.


Eco Blank

Press the Eco Blank button to turn off the image for a period of time. The projector enters this mode automatically after no signal is detected for 3 minutes.


Auto Power-off

Powers down the device after 20 minutes of inactivity to save energy and minimise worry about leaving equipment on.

BenQ Lamp-Free Projectors
Futureproof Your Workspace

Lamp-free technology eliminates the use of projector lamps containing highly toxic mercury to help protect the environment. Lamp-free SSI projectors have a more eco-friendly nature and an extended maintenance-free lifespan, minimising the carbon footprint. Plus, the SmartEco™ feature on our green, mercury-free laser and LED projectors reduces power consumption and maintenance costs by up to 70%.



30,000 Hours Long Lifespan

Superior Image

Dynamic Power Saving with Uncompromised Performance

BenQ SSI Projectors are equipped with LED/laser light source, which means lower power consumption, faster dimming, and superior picture quality, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.

Sustainable Innovation

BenQ SSI projectors feature eco-friendly technologies, recycled materials, and an energy-efficient design. The compact chassis in BenQ SSI projectors incorporates 50% Post-Consumer Recycled plastics, contributing to the reduction of landfill waste and carbon emissions.

BenQ’s Green Commitment

BenQ is committed to creating sustainable initiatives for a greener environment. Our SSI projectors play a crucial role in achieving our decarbonising goals and the journey toward enterprise-wide net-zero emissions. They offer better efficiency and convenience while minimising environmental impact, aligning with our sustainability goals.

We value environmental protection at every stage of the product life cycle


50% of PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials used


PAS-certified and CFP (Carbon Footprint of Product) validated


80% plastic-free package materials applied


Compact product design with a 30% reduction in dimensions


Mercury-free products with energy-saving SmartEcoTM technology