Effortless wireless presentation experience

InstaShow™ seamlessly integrates into your business with it’s plug-n-play presentation interface. InstaShow™ uses AES 128-bit encryption to protect your information like no other wireless presentation system.

See the power of
InstaShow™ for yourself
Secure Wireless Presentation at your fingertips

• Immediate source switching

• Almost no lag

• Split-screen functionality*

• Touch Back functionality*

*WDC20 model only

Independent installation and set up

Set up of the InstaShow™ hardware takes a matter of minutes and once installed can be operated at the touch of a button. Streamlining processes and saving valuable resources.

Protect your business data

InstaShow™ works outside of your business’ network. Furthermore, all InstaShow™ communications are encrypted so that nobody can snoop and steal your confidential information.

InstaShow™ has passed CVSS 3.0 standards as tested by an ISO27001 & ISO17025 certified security lab.

What is InstaShow suitable for?

Professionals or SMEs who present or brief often

Training & Seminars

Business and education units who conduct internal training and seminars


Organizations who value information security