EZWrite 6

Interactive whiteboard

Let your ideas take the lead on a variety of platforms with EZWrite 6.

Real-time whiteboarding across platforms and spaces

Transform your discussions with a digital canvas that makes sessions productive and engaging. EZWrite enables groups to share information and develop ideas through various operating systems from different locations.

Expand your canvas
Extend your ideas
Explore your possibilities
Unlimited space for unlimited ideas

Empower the entire group to engage without limits. Join the whiteboarding session from an interactive display or your own device and expand the canvas to make room for everyone’s ideas.

Multiple whiteboard sessions on one canvas

Sessions created on EZWrite can be stored on the cloud and accessed on any device. You can even open multiple sessions on the same canvas to work on different versions or ideas simultaneously.

Whiteboard with maximum flexibility

Video conference and whiteboard simultaneously. Use other built-in features such as the calculator, timer and split screen, which divides the screen into sections with their own set of tools.