How a wireless presentation solution helped a bleeding edge digital consultancy to refresh its brand image

  • BenQ
  • 2019-03-11
A leading digital firm’s reputation in the hands of legacy AV

When Mathias Hermann, CEO of Germany-based consultancy Comwrap GmbH, talks about how his company helps businesses reinvent their business models for the digital era, he sees an industry undergoing a change unprecedented in history.

“[Our clients] have a history of maybe 50 or even 100 years, and they watch their business models break down,” Hermann says. “The overall digitalization trend that is going on, in my perception, is bigger than even the Industrial Revolution.”

Through the meticulous work of consulting and implementing the bleeding edge of digital technology, Comwrap has built partnerships with German giants in the likes of HELIOS and DZ Bank.

“In our company we have an average of 30 meetings per day. It’s quite a horror.”

Mathias Hermann, CEO, of Comwrap GmbH

Yet even as it helped usher century old brands into the digital age, the company was facing an internal struggle with its own legacy AV infrastructure.

“In our company we have an average of 30 meetings per day. It’s quite a horror,” Hermann says with a laugh. He adds that the number only covers internal meetings and does not include client-facing presentations, meetups, and developer conferences the company regularly holds.

The CEO describes a situation in 2016 of constantly crashing presentations and wrestling with HDMI cables mounted to the wall. Then one day it was just too many hiccups, which led Hermann to initiate the search for a more effective presentation solution.

The search for a stable, low latency solution

Hermann tested a wide range of wireless presentation solutions, finding advantages in each that were quickly overshadowed by issues such as stability, high latency, or troublesome software installation requirements.

In some cases, Hermann would even throw a solution directly in the garbage after one incident of crashing or instability.

Another part of the challenge was that other solutions were too complex for external speakers, while some required IT support to set up and manage.

“My idea was not to use a wireless presentation solution anymore because they were all poor,” Hermann says of his feelings at the time.

It wasn’t until the company was having a projector installed in the main conference room that a viable solution serendipitously landed on the table.

“So [the installer] came in with the projector and put the BenQ InstaShow on my table. At that point I was pretty confident there was no such solution. So I connected it and tried it out and I was amazed by the easy setup. Just connect two plugs and you’re on the presentation system without any software installed. And it was so low latency! I was flashed to say the least.”

“The speakers could click on the button and be online in an instant... That was the proof of concept that InstaShow was reliable.”

Mathias Hermann, CEO, of Comwrap GmbH

A few days after beginning a trial of InstaShow, Comwrap hosted a meetup with 60 people. Based on past experiences, Hermann made sure to have backup cables on hand in the event of any issues. He was pleasantly surprised to find the InstaShow delivered a seamless presentation experience.

“[The speakers] could click on the button and be online in an instant,” he says, citing the ease of use that truly defined the product among the other options. “That was the moment where I decided I had to buy four of them to equip all of the meeting rooms. That was the proof of concept that InstaShow was reliable.”

Significant time savings and enhanced brand image

Since adopting the solution, Comwrap has seen a time savings of approximates 30 minutes a day. That savings, though, is almost secondary to a newly relaxed preparation atmosphere along with an improved company brand built on top of a reliable and seamless presentation system.

“It’s the whole impression that you have at a meeting, the CEO adds. “If we have external speakers, and you give them the InstaShow dongle and connect it, they are amazed. If people sit there and see how easy it goes, that’s how we as a brand want to appear in front of our customers or prospects. Because we have it all figured out. We’re the digital guys, right? And we have a solution they’ve never seen.”