Why Choose Smart Projectors for Your Office Towards the Best Video Conferencing Experience

  • BenQ
  • 2021-01-27

Adopting new technology is crucial for businesses that want to improve productivity and build spaces that foster collaboration. From the ongoing rise of remote work and work-from-home policies to growing demand for video conferencing, companies are fast deploying solutions that redefine workplaces and office environments.

But as virtual meetings become increasingly necessary and common, businesses have started identifying problems that employees are faced with when video conferencing. Let’s take a look at some of the major issues related to current meeting and conference trends.

#1 Lack of Short Notice Meeting Room Availability

Customers, vendors, and partners are getting comfortable with jumping onto spontaneous video conference calls to maintain the collaboration and communication process. But with short notice engagements it can become highly difficult for employees to find a meeting room. Between managing sudden calls from clients and chasing deadlines, arranging a well equipped meeting room can be a bit of a hassle.

#2 Traditional Video Conferencing Setups aren’t User Friendly

We’ve all faced dreaded set up issues while trying to get on video calls. Device compatibility, screen sharing, and audio issues can all delay meetings. Having a member from the IT team available on hand is neither desirable nor always possible, and so you're often stuck with a sub-optimal video conferencing experience.

#3 Big Screens Needed for Complete and Uninterrupted Display

Another commonly faced problem is when the shown image is incomplete and cropped because the screen is too small. This can be extremely distracting, and prevents attendees from fully focusing on the topics being discussed.

Smart projectors solves problems that business are facing with traditional video conference setup

#4 Reluctance to Use Personal Devices for Video Conferencing

Many employees feel uncomfortable when asked to use their own personal devices to conduct video conferences. Personal devices don’t only contain a range of private data, but with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies being implemented across industries, personal devices also store work related documents and files that employees wouldn’t want to display accidentally during a video call. Furthermore, there is a fear of notifications popping up with sensitive information, which adds to the reluctance. So how can businesses facilitate the best video conferencing experience while solving these problems and creating a comfortable environment for team members involved? By using Smart Projectors for video conferencing!

How Smart Projectors Help Create the Best Video Conferencing Environment

Smart projectors offer a considerable number of features and benefits. But most importantly, they enable ease and efficiency of collaboration and hassle-free usage, especially for video conferencing purposes:

1. Video Conference Anytime, Anywhere with Smart Projectors

Smart projectors offer a budget-friendly portable solution to address the first problem of insufficient meeting room availability. They can be installed quickly in any meeting room or huddle space within minutes. And the process is not even complicated, all one needs is a power plug and a white wall to project onto.

2. Hassle-Free Video Conferencing Solution

While traditional display setups are complex to use and many people find it difficult to use them without technical support from the IT team, smart projectors facilitate ease of use, especially if they arrive pre-loaded with an Android-based operating system. This means an easy, efficient video conferencing experience, and no training requirements at all.

Smart projectors facilitate video conferencing with an easy 3-steps setup

3. Smart Projectors Enable Adjustable Screen Sizes

Smart projectors tend to solve the need for big screens and provide clear, full-sized video quality by allowing easily-adjustable screen dimensions. This means that the same projector can be used in both small as well as medium-sized rooms without any problems.

4. PC-Free Convenience

Smart projectors offer a completely PC-free experience. There is no need to connect a device to the projector, as a real smart projector comes with built-in apps that include dedicated video conferencing. Smart projectors also allow new apps to be added easily. To control the projector, users simply connect a keyboard and mouse or use their phone to control the smart projector via an app like the BenQ Smart Control App. Smart projectors also work with USB drives, which further negates the dependency on external devices. Furthermore, with direct internet, users can access cloud drive files easily. Hence, smart projectors deliver a completely PC-free solution.

That said, if you do want to use a PC, as in a BYOD situation, a smart projector also allows any personal device to be used for projection through wireless casting.

As should be clear by now, smart projectors help businesses create the best video conferencing environment, anywhere and at any time. They solve all commonly faced problems and facilitate smooth, easy, and efficient video conferencing, while providing a range of complimentary benefits through various feature offerings.

If you are thinking of elevating video conferencing in your office space, investing in BenQ Smart Projectors for Business is a great choice.

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