Team Members Use Apps to Work? What to Know in Time for 2021

  • BenQ
  • 2020-12-11

As the global work landscape changes, more of your employees either work from home or spend at least part of their time engaging with others remotely. That means instead of PCs a lot of the daily process of work and business gets done via mobile devices and apps. And as team members alternate between home and office plus rely on their personal devices to share files and other content, it’s imperative to figure out new ways to display said content in a big screen format.

Laptops to Apps

of mobile users use apps while at work


of overall app usage time spent on social and communications


of all global mobile data usage is file sharing


was the most downloaded app in Q2 2020


Sources: BusinessofApps and SIMFORM - 12.01.2020

New Work Methods Backed by Cloud Storage

of European organizations expect to spend more on cloud-based services compared to 2017


CAGR growth in the enterprise file synchronization and sharing market during 2020-2025


Source: GlobeNewswire - 12.01.2020

Trends and Transitions

Laptops and other PC platforms losing dominance as file sharing and overall business interaction moves to mobile/smart devices. Increasing reliance on chat, conferencing, and social apps

COVID-19 has pushed enterprises in this direction. Due to limitations on in person work, business activity has shifted to the cloud. Social apps and cloud storage allow people to work from home, and companies now basically rely on app and service providers for IT support

Whether at home or in the office, the rise of smart devices as the main work platform means if you want to present content, you need a smart projector. Smart projectors pair with Android and iOS devices easily, and arrive with apps and browsers installed

Our observations of Changes Coming in 2021

Professionals all over the world are adopting new work models. In place of face to face interaction and close quarters sharing, conference and chat apps have stepped in. These are backed by cloud storage, which serves as the core of sharing in remote, online-based work. Of course, that means every element in this new work method must interact seamlessly with smartphones and tablets, as these are the devices used by team members.

Having a smart projector allows for a small number of team members to set up a big screen presentation at the office while most other employees join from home.

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