Meeting Room & Boardroom

Digital displays help businesses improve meetings by presenting pertinent information through presentations, documents, images and more. BenQ has a variety of digital display solutions such as High Brightness Business Projectors and Interactive Flat Panels, all of which have been created for ease of use, and to increase efficiency and boost participation for office environments.

How BenQ Display turns meeting rooms into places of efficiency
● Present content wirelessly and instantly with InstaShowTM, a hardware that requires no software and allows up to 16 participants to connect notebooks and take over instantly
● Display stunningly bright, crystal clear images with reliable, flexible Business Projectors that capture staff attention, while simultaneously streamlining company meetings
● With Big Zoom and Lens Shift capability, flexible installation and easy calibration is possible on Business Projectors, even in large boardrooms
An Easy to Use Plug and Play All-in-One Wireless Presentation Solution
One Simple Button to Start Presenting and Seconds to Take Turns

No Software Installation Needed

Ready to operate with the simple press of a button, InstaShow™ boosts overall efficiency and significantly reduces downtime, and because it requires no software to set up, InstaShow™ doesn’t need OS upgrades or MIS maintenance.

Join Anytime with Simple Pairing

Pairing the InstaShow transmit button to a receiver host is quick and simple. To immediately begin presenting, the host only needs to hold down the pairing key on the receiver host for five seconds and do the same on the transmitter for automatic wireless pairing. Supporting up to 16 presenters, anyone can contribute to the meeting without complex setup.

Presenter-Controlled InstaVideo Mode Switching

Say goodbye to cable clutter and complex setups. With InstaShow™ it’s possible to freely switch from static images to a smooth Full HD 1080 video without delay by simply tapping the InstaVideo mode button.

Encrypted Wireless Transmission for Enterprise-Class Security

Safeguarded from tampering and unintended disclosures, corporate intellectual property remains private and secure with the dual protection offered by AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol. InstaShow™ also supports HDCP to ensure all content with digital rights management will play smoothly without delay, error messages or interruption.

Fully Compatible with HDMI Sources & Displays

Unrestricted connectivity guarantees powerful compatibility with any source. Freely present on any device including projection screen or interactive flat panel with an HDMI input, stream content from a wide range of systems including media boxes such as Apple TV and Chromecast, Blu-ray and DVD players or a notebook running any OS.

Business Projector
Attention-commanding Projections for Everyday Business Meetings
Ultra High Brightness for Large Venues

Whether in a dark meeting room or a conference room with bright ambience, BenQ’s ultra high brightness makes it possible to deliver strong, impactful images without competing with the environment’s natural or artificial light.

WXGA Wide Resolution

Boasting 16 million colors and a 1280 x 800 pixel display, BenQ’s WXGA wide resolution projector delivers vibrant images in stunning clarity. Any presentation can be presented in the perfect size by switching aspect ratios.

Vertical Lens Shift for Precise Installation and Calibration

Make image adjustments on the fly. Lens shift compensates for minor miscalculations and misalignments during installation. Appropriately placed adjacent to the lens, the controls allow for vertical lens movement by 105%-110%, giving the operator the power to perfectly align images without distortion.

Big Zoom 1.6x

Capable of a wide range of throw distances, Big Zoom 1.6x allows for setup in both large and small rooms, so no sacrifices need to be made during installation, and a perfectly sized picture can be projected every time.

Comprehensive LAN Control Compatibility

Projectors can be linked together and managed through LAN Control, allowing projector operators to manage and control all displays from a centralized location. To maximize the flexibility of control system integration, BenQ Business Projectors are widely compatible with the leading control solution providers like Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link.

Advanced Image Calibration for Ideal Projection Alignment

BenQ’s Business Projectors allow for hassle-free image adjustments. If a projector must be installed off-center, businesses can fully utilize the 2D keystone feature to counteract the trapezoid effect on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Corner fit correction further enhances the experience by perfectly aligning the picture with each corner, so images take up every pixel available.

Interactive Flat Panel
High-Quality Images for on the Fly Interactive Meetings
4K2K Ultra High Resolution

Boasting 4x the pixel density of other Full HD flat panel displays, BenQ’s 4K2K (3840x2160) ultra-high resolution Interactive Flat Panel guarantees the sharpest images when displaying pertinent meeting information, relevant visual aids or detailed business strategies.

Total Eye-care Solution

BenQ’s Total Eye-care Solution is a multifaceted set of technologies working together to improve productivity, reduce fatigue, and ensure employee eye health is looked after. TUV-Certified Low Blue Light Technology and Flicker-Free Technology make it possible to look at the display longer without feeling tired, disrupting melatonin secretion, or causing macular degeneration. An anti-glare display makes it possible to use the panel in the brightest environments.

Instant Plug and Play

Plug-and-play capability does away with overly complicated setups where driver installations are required. Instead BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels are ready to use as soon as the display and a USB are connected.