EZWrite 6

Interactive whiteboard

Let your ideas take the lead on a variety of platforms with EZWrite 6.

Better whiteboard for better meetings

EZWrite comes packed with everything you need to maximise meetings' efficiency. Mark and write flexibly with the customisable pens, highlighters and erasers. Use handwriting recognition or text boxes for clearer notes. Insert pictures and other files to work with visuals.

Take the meeting with you

Save sessions once the meeting is over and load them anytime on any device, to continue where you left off.

Scale up your workspace

Never run out of space to express your thoughts. Expand the whiteboard and add new pages to keep ideas flowing.

Bring your own ideas

Save your ideas as IWB, Notebook, PDF, or image files and then build on them with your team on an interactive display.

Complete meeting minutes

Export the session once the meeting is over and share it as an image or PDF file with all the attendees.