EZWrite 6

Interactive whiteboard

Let your ideas take the lead on a variety of platforms with EZWrite 6.

Transform your classroom

Better whiteboard for better lessons

Enrich teaching for any subject with colorful pens, shapes, and rulers. Import pictures and documents onto the board, and edit the session from any device for maximum flexibility.

Seamless user experience across platforms

EZWrite provides a consistent end-to-end experience beyond interactive displays, from teachers preparing lesson materials on computers to students reviewing content at home on their devices.

Google Classroom integration

Easily import lesson materials into the whiteboard session. Create, distribute, and grade assignments, all on EZWrite.

Boundless space for boundless learning

Discover the infinite possibilities of a scalable whiteboard. Zoom in on important details and zoom out to get the whole picture. Simply add more pages when needed.

Extend your classroom

Work together on a whiteboard with various types of files. Teachers can save the session after class as an IWB, Notebook, PDF, or image file allowing students to review them at home.