Build Your Own
Home Cinema

Relax and prepare to enjoy entertainment with BenQ’s intelligent technologies. Setting up your own cinema has never been so easy before! You are sure to get perfectly square in focus image effortlessly every time.

Feel the scene, on a big screen

Movie time is about immersing into breathtaking stories and discovering new worlds. Upgrade your home cinema and enjoy every smallest detail in 4K from the comfort of your home.

Creating an astonishing home theatre is within your reach

Modern projectors are smaller and brighter, and ideal for home life, with a variety of flexible options. Many can be placed on the ground, on a side table, or even in the backyard for an unforgettable movie night. Get closer to family and friends sharing snacks, laughter, and enjoying your favourite films on the big screen. What's more, home theatres bring movie premieres to your living room, share awe-inspiring views, and strengthen priceless bonds.

Versatile options and easy setup

4K UHD movies are best when enjoyed on a massive, projected screen. and use streaming apps via Android TV devices to enjoy your favourite content. Plus, projectors have very crisp images suited for dark or brightly lit rooms.

With over 100-inch screen, you can think bigger than standard television sizes at a comparable price. Enjoy cinematic experiences with beautiful colours and striking contrast. And since projectors reflect light off surfaces, instead of sending light directly to your eyes, you’ll reduce eye strain for longer viewing, so you can comfortably enjoy films as the director intended.

Projectors are a unique choice because they are mobile and easy to set up. They create the possibility of turning every wall into a screen. Projectors can be placed on the ground or a side table, and they can even be taken out to the backyard for a memorable movie or game night. With projectors, creating an exciting home theatre is within your reach.

Premium 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector W2700i

Get ready for true 4K HDR with cinematic wonder like you’re in an authentic digital home cinema.

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4K Daylight Android Projector for Sports Fans TK850i

Turn your living room into a venue in seconds with diverse mounting and placement options. Enjoy authentic HDR scenes with vivid images anywhere, even in your bright living room.

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Shop True 4K HDR Home Theatre Projectors

Impeccable Image at Any Time

Matches your style

Place your projector wherever you want. Even when placed at an angel, smart projector will automatically adjust the image to be straight. So you can enjoy your favourite movies with ease.

Hassle-free installation

No additional ceiling mount required

Effortless connectivity

Automatic angle adjustment with easy casting, and minimum cables

Low power consumption

Low power consumption without sacrificing the picture quality

Elegant and minimalistic

No screen,
no limitations

The Best Models for Your Home Cinema

4K HDR Premium Home Theatre Projector

  • Razor-Sharp 120" image with 4K UHD True 8.3 million pixels
  • Truly accurate and saturated cinematic colours
  • Experience the tones and feelings that directors intended for you
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4K Daylight Projector for Sports Fans

  • 100" image with 4K UHD True 8.3 million pixels
  • Bright colours and sports modes no matter the time of the day
  • Never miss the goals again on a razor-sharp big screen
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4K UHD Projector for True Movie Experts

  • True 4K UHD resolution with 8.3M pixels
  • BenQ CinematicColor™ with 100% accurate colours according to the official cinema industry's standards
  • HDR-PRO™ projector-optimized HDR technology (HDR10/HLG support)
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Big 4K Screen
Easy Casting
Bright Saturated Colours
Cinematic Picture Quality

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World of Entertainment Awaits for You

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