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Ceiling Projection Made Easy with BenQ Portable Projectors


One of the most popular questions regarding home entertainment projectors is whether or not a certain model supports ceiling projection. That’s quite different from ceiling mount, whereby your projector hangs from the ceiling using special hardware. Ceiling projection means a projector that points upwards and turns the ceiling of a room into a big screen for everything from movies and TV shows to games, while sitting stable on your bed or a table for the ultimate laid back experience. However, most projectors don’t have designs that support the flexibility needed for ceiling projection. Typically, large home cinema projectors are designed for forward-facing display, while even compact portable projectors usually have straightforward builds that do not enable the lens to swing up, ceiling-ward. 

BenQ GV30 vs Kodak Luma 450, comparing their ability to project onto ceilings for home entertainment

Can I Project on a Ceiling to Watch Movies and Other Content?

The answer is a simple yes if your portable projector has a flexible, wide projection angle design. If your projector doesn’t have a lens assembly with a wide rotation range, you’ll need to improvise some kind of stand of base to change its projection direction. This isn’t ideal, as stability becomes an issue, and your projector could slide or fall mid-movie, which isn’t good for anyone. Of course, placing your projector on its back so the lens faces the ceiling is not advisable. You’ll likely block vents and cause it to overheat, force cables like HDMI to bend under the projector’s weight, and again experience unstable display. You need a projector designed with ceilings in mind, and then the answer to the question is also simple: a yes. 

The BenQ GV series, with models like the GV31 and GV30, features lens assemblies with wide rotation ranges. Highly compact, light, and portable, GV series projectors have a firm base and can change their projection angle easily. You don’t need to improvise a base for them to change their projection angle, as GV series projectors rotate to face the ceiling directly.  Also, the GV series has plenty of brightness for different lighting conditions in your bedroom or elsewhere, plus smart features that support your favorite streaming apps via Android TV and great sound delivered by custom-built speakers. Auto focus and vertical keystone further assist your ceiling-based viewing, preventing distorted images and saving you the hassle of manual adjustment. 

Can I Use a Tripod to Convert My Existing Projector into a Ceiling Projector?

This may sound like a more sophisticated solution than a stack of books, but it’s almost as unhelpful. It is possible, but you’ll need a very light projector to avoid the risk of tipping over the tripod. Unless designed for ceiling projection, light and portable projectors won’t have the specs you want for a good experience. The BenQ GV series skip the need for a tripod, is light in weight, and does ceiling projection better than any competitor. 

Projectors like the Kodak Luma 450 work with tripods, but stability and overheating issues are possible, and you can only place the tripod on a firm surface, like a floor. Unlike the GV series, placing it on your bed won’t work.  For true ceiling projection comfort and flexibility, it’s better to have a rotating projector than to force its rotation using a tripod. 

Comparison of a BenQ GV series projector and a Kodak Luma 450 on tripods, highlighting the former's superior ceiling projection and stability

Why Is Ceiling Projection Even a Thing?

Most people are used to sitting in front of a TV or projector screen, but there’s much to be said for enjoying content while lying down on your back. To put it simply, it’s the ultimate relaxation pose, and if you haven’t tried it yet, perhaps the time has come to do so. It’s not like GV series projectors and others like them were designed ONLY for ceilings. They’re still great for regular screens and walls. But they give you the option of ceiling projection that’s just as enjoyable and of the same quality as projection on more conventional surfaces, which TVs do not offer. With great brightness and colors, the GV series is ideal for relaxed, casual viewing in bed while enjoying a bigger screen than your TV.  

You can watch movies and streamed TV shows or content saved on USB drives. Or plug in a game console and bring your games to the ceiling of a bedroom or any other room. Just imagine lying in bed, whether by yourself, with your kids, or other loved ones, and sharing a truly chill experience on a massive screen that covers nearly the entire ceiling of a room. It’s a very impressive experience compared to traditional TV viewing. 

How Does This Compare to TV or Home Projectors?

BenQ ceiling projectors, as noted above, bring you the fun of watching content on a big screen that’s much larger than the one offered by your TV. And while TVs may have more brightness or better colors, the main idea behind ceiling projection isn’t finding the finest image quality or most advanced specs. It’s obtaining the most joy, comfort, and relaxation, combined with the “wow factor” of such a large display. It’s about having a different type of experience. Just get into your comfy bed and watch to your heart’s content. 

What is a Ceiling Projector?

Ceiling projectors are portable projectors with a flexible lens assembly that offers a wide viewing range and easy adjustment. There’s no need to stack books or use boxes as a base. All you need to do in the case of BenQ GV projectors is rotate the body of the device using the pull strap. Ceiling projectors deliver good image and sound plus smart features like Android TV and wireless casting. Avoid models that have lens rotation but skip other essentials. Those may advertise “ceiling projection”, but will hamper your experience. 

Can You Highlight What I Should Look for in a Ceiling Projector?

We’ll go over these quickly to keep things simple. The projector needs to have a stable base with a build designed to accommodate lens rotation. The rotation should also be wide angle (like 135 degrees for the GV series), and you should aim for a portable model that allows cable-free operation. The BenQ GV series goes entirely wire-free with up to three hours of battery life, while lesser offerings may lack internal batteries and therefore force you to rely on power outlets. 

Look for products with good picture and sound quality. Resolution is the first, with 480p as the minimum, while 720p is better. Brightness is especially important. The BenQ GV31 offers 300 lumens, which is the brightest in its category of compact portable projectors. 

Having different picture modes is also great for making the most of different content types. Movie, game, sports, bright room, and living room modes are very helpful. Basic models will not have these. As for sound, the BenQ GV31, as an example, has twin 4W speakers plus an 8W woofer for deep, powerful bass and real 2.1-channel audio. All components were custom made for this particular model, so there’s great balance of room-filling sound with no distortion or rattle incurred. 

Smart features are a must, not a luxury. Good ceiling projectors have a complete user interface and operating system, like Android TV. You get access to over 5000 apps for streaming, gaming, and everything else, just like on your smart TV or phone. There’s also wireless casting from mobile devices or a laptop, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth plus HDMI and USB ports. Please check for these specifications before committing to a purchase. All of these features are offered by the BenQ GV series of projectors, making them the best for ceiling projection by a wide margin. 

We have more info on how to avoid cheap portable projectors that will compromise your entertainment experiences, and recommend you give it a read. 

In summary and to cover the main things to consider again, here’s a comparison table that shows why the BenQ GV series easily beats an offering like the Kodak Luma 450 for ceiling projection: 

Tech Spec Comparison


BenQ GV series

Kodak Luma 450



BenQ GV series

From £499

Kodak Luma 450



Ceiling projection

BenQ GV series

Free rotation angle with stable base for different surfaces

Kodak Luma 450

Requires tripod, meaning you can’t put it on a table or bed


Rotation angle

BenQ GV series

135 degrees floor to ceiling

Kodak Luma 450

Under 90 degrees



BenQ GV series

Round shape with stable base

Kodak Luma 450

Not optimised for stability


Streaming content

BenQ GV series

Android TV with 5000+ Google Play apps

Kodak Luma 450

Limited streaming content



BenQ GV series

720p to 1080p

Kodak Luma 450




BenQ GV series

300 lumens 

Kodak Luma 450

Max 200 lumens



BenQ GV series

Up to 2.1-ch audio with dual 4W speakers and 8W subwoofer

Kodak Luma 450

Basic stereo with dual 1W speakers


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