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Movies or Sports? Choose the Right BenQ 4K Projector for Your Home


Can't decide between W2700 and TK850? Pick the right one for your need in the video

When you decide to go and get a 4K projector for your home you often find multiple options available. That’s what one considers a good problem to have, but the dilemma may prove to have considerable consequences. After all, depending on where and what you want to watch, the “wrong” projector may really dampen your enjoyment. So, here’s a quick but informative video. Basically, we recommend the W2700 and TK850, both superb BenQ 4K projectors.

The W2700 shines, no pun intended, in darker rooms and offers a perfect fit for movie fans. If you want a home cinema, then the W2700 has been made for you. Meanwhile, our engineers and designers crafted the TK850 for brighter environments and sports fans, probably while watching a lot of basketball or football. In any case, the TK850 works best in relatively well-lit rooms and showcases high-speed sports content with flying colours.

So, please enjoy the video and know that whatever you want to watch and no matter where you want to watch it, our projectors will be there. 

BenQ's 4K Smart Projectors Provide Android TV Convenience and Enjoyment

Projectors are all about big format viewing with bright lights and a cinematic feel, but they’re evolving. These days, smart projectors are a reality that’s largely caught up with TVs. If you want a projector that provides a “smart” experience, then we recommend you seek one that supports the Google-created and certified Android TV platform. That way, you get access to apps and services like Google Play, Prime Video, and YouTube right from the projector, without having to hook up a game console or laptop. Whether on a home cinema projector or a portable projector, with the addition of Android TV you vastly expand your entertainment horizons. With Android TV the door has opened on smart projectors for home entertainment, and there’s no going back. Don’t split your enjoyment between a projector for movies and a TV for streaming – cherish all your content in the same big screen format you like so much. 


BenQ W2700i and TK850i 4K home projectors powered by Google-certified Android TV platform.  Google-certified Android TV not only expands but also enhances the streaming experience with a fluid, customised home screen, fully integrated Google Assistant and Google Search, access to Google Play Store, seamless screen casting and mirroring, and other Google-related capabilities. Rounding out all these features, BenQ’s new lines of smart home projectors powered by Google-certified Android TV also delivers visuals and colours fully optimised by its renown CinematicColorTM expertise, which ensures you have the best possible wireless projection viewing experience with support for Airplay, Chromecast, and other casting technology. Couple that with BenQ’s FamiLand, the app full of child-friendly content pre-installed in the system, and you’ll have the ideal home theatre projector for your whole family, including the kids.

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