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BenQ Screen-to-Print Solution: The Best Simulated Paper-Texture Visual Performance for Professionals


This year, with the introduction of BenQ exclusive Screen-to-Print Solution, the new generation of SW series: SW272U and SW272Q provide users the perfect retouching experience, especially in the soft-proofing and final outputs stage.

The New Generation of SW Series with BenQ Screen-to-Print Solution

For all photographers with a unique “photographer’s eye,” the next step after capturing a scene using a digital camera, is to make the image as attractive as possible. After the image is enhanced, the final stage is soft-proofing and finalize the outputs. This stage is not only limited to hardcopy printing, but also sending images digitally in their final form. BenQ Photographer Monitors have established excellent color management capabilities that allow professionals to trust the color that is displayed on the screen. 


BenQ Screen-to-Print Solution utilizes the Fine-Coated Panel and Paper Color Sync software to ensure the best quality visual experiences on-screen under different types of ambient lighting to get perfect results. Not only does the Fine-Coated help to greatly reduce reflections but it also produces a unique texture affect. When used in conjunction with the Paper Color Sync software, the result is a highly realistic platform, suitable for the most advanced photo edits and soft proofing. 

How Fine-Coated Panel in Conjunction with Paper Color Sync

The Fine-Coated Panel features an exclusive surface. The exclusive surface coating has a superior ambient contrast ratio (ACR) under any lighting condition and a simulated paper-texture. That is to say, when editing, your judgment regarding color won’t be affected by ambient lighting, which ensures the high consistency between what you see on screen and printed images. And finally, the surface coating has anti-glare properties that help to protect the eyes regardless of the lighting conditions. Anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer monitor understands how glare can cause eyestrain, which leads to lessened productivity.


After photo-editing is completed, you can start soft proofing. With Paper Color Sync, you can easily preview prints on the screen before actual print out. You will be surprised that you no longer need to repeatedly compare your photos against your monitor, wasting time and money. Paper Color Sync supports many printer models and paper, including those which are commonly used by photographers. With BenQ exclusive Fine-Coated Panel and Paper Color Sync software, screen-to-print color consistency can be achieved everywhere.

Inspired by The Spirit of BenQ AQCOLOR Technology

This exclusive Screen-to-Print Solution is inspired by BenQ AQCOLOR Technology, which keeps forging color accurate monitors. For years, BenQ monitors have been the leading brand among professional photographers and video editors. This proprietary technology has kept BenQ at the forefront of the professional world, but Screen-to-Print Solution takes these displays to the next level. The TUV Rheinland-certified Fine-Coated Panel creates a simulated paper-texture screen cover that, when used in concert with the Paper Color Sync software, delivers the highest quality screen-to-print fidelity available. This industry-leading level of accuracy and fidelity makes BenQ monitors the ultimate platform for accurate photo editing and printing.


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