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Computer Monitor Light | BenQ ScreenBar, Matte Black

  • Asymmetrical optical design that eliminates reflective glare off the screen, only illuminating the desk

  • Save valuable space on your desk, with specially designed clip that fits on nearly any monitor

  • Adjustable colour temperature and auto dimming by bulit-in light sensor, providing the best lighting environment


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Jurnal du geek

"The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp works as advertised, placing just the right amount of light in the immediate area of the screen without causing glare, helping you work longer with less eyestrain.”


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“In the category of “Damn, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” we have BenQ’s simple yet impressive ScreenBar “desk lamp.” It’s the ultimate answer for those with little to no desk space.”


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“Whether you've got a small desk setup or you're just tired of giving up space for a desk lamp, BenQ's ScreenBar is here to save the day with its over-the-monitor light.”


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“And while I recognize lighting is important, I’ve been using a standard LED desk lamp for years, even though it really falls short in many areas. It’s been good enough. Or so it seemed until BenQ sent one of its new ScreenBar Plus LED task lamps for evaluation.”


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“Designed to work with all monitors (ranging between 1cm and 3cm in thickness), the BenQ ScreenBar Plus provides an elegant, space-saving, non-intrusive way to keep your workplace illuminated, whether you’re in your regular office or your home office.”


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