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BenQ Projectors Promise to Wow with ‘Performance, Passion, Magic’ at ISE 2010

BenQ Projectors Promise to Wow with ‘Performance, Passion, Magic’ at ISE 2010


Models with Interactive PointDraw, Ultra Short-Throw, 3D, Full HD 1080P, High Brightness

Son, February 1, 2010 – Ranked among the world’s top projector providers, digital lifestyle innovator BenQ is promising “Performance, Passion, Magic” at ISE 2010, which will be held February 2-4 in Amsterdam, RAI, The Netherlands. BenQ will be showcasing eight new projectors ranging from Interactive PointDraw, ultra short-throw stereoscopic projection to extreme brightness Full HD that will, in true BenQ style, bring a higher level of enjoyment, quality, and possibilities to the education, business, and home cinema markets. BenQ will be exhibiting at booth 5O120 in Hall I.

“Our campaign for 2010 says it all: ‘Performance, Passion, Magic. BenQ is What Projector Innovation’s All About,’ and we are ready and poised to dazzle the industry – and the world – at ISE with projectors that set new benchmarks in all regards,” said Peter Chen, EVP and General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “From performance to quality to value to new possibilities, BenQ projectors embody our proven expertise in projector engineering, our understanding of and leadership in the market, and our obsessive passion to Bring Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life.”

BenQ will be displaying projector solutions in three categories at ISE:

Short-Throw Education Series
BenQ’s Short-Throw Series offers four models that bring big-screen magic to classroom, business, and personal projection. Equipped with integrated 3D technology and microphone input, the MP780 ST is distinguished by an interactive PointDraw pen that makes it the innovative solution over interactive white boards. Magically draw almost anywhere the image is projected without calibration – no white board needed at all.

“The MP780 ST frees the user from the white board, allowing him to draw wherever the image is projected,” said Chen. “By doing so, this extraordinary projector additionally frees the user from calibration costs and white board installation costs. For budget-conscious users such as schools, the money saved can be applied to bring greater possibilities for students in other areas of education.”

Also coming with integrated 3D technology and microphone input, the ultra short-throw MX712 UST with an impressive 0.3 throw ratio enables a huge 78” image size from just 48 centimetres away, making it an ideal solution for any space-challenged venue such as small classroom or cramped meeting room. Integrated 3D technology and microphone input (for enhanced audio capabilities) additionally make the MX712 UST the perfect pairing for interactive white boards. The Short-Throw Series also includes the solid performance stereoscopic MP772 ST , MP782 ST and MP776 ST with 0.6 throw ratio designed to take student learning and participation to new heights of enthusiasm and interaction without added costs; and the stylish 0.9 throw ratio MP525 ST with two built-in 5W speakers and HDMI connection, ideal for school, business and personal enjoyment use.

Full HD 1080p Auditorium Series
BenQ’s SP840 and SP890 Full HD Business Series projectors display in luminous 4000AL for a bold, magical big-screen experience in even the most demanding settings such as full lights-on conference rooms and large auditoriums. Both models support multiple video formats and flawlessly display all 1080p content, ensuring maximum performance of today’s Full HD era. The SP890 is further distinguished by Hollywood Quality Video (HQV™) processing, a super high 16,000:1 contrast ratio, and exceptional installation versatility via horizontal+vertical lens shift and a 1.5:1 zoom ratio.

Full HD 1080p Home Series
BenQ’s Home Series brings the magic of Full HD 1080p splendor to the home with two models: the luxury W6000 and the solid performer W1000. High-end specifications on the W6000 for breathtaking cinematic thrill include an ultra-high 50,000:1 contrast ratio, 2500AL, dual HDMI, ISFccc, and the ability to display in true commercial theater 2.35:1 aspect ratio (using an optional Panamorph® lens). Challenging home installations are easily overcome by horizontal+vertical lens shift and a 1.5:1 zoom ratio. Equipped with solid essentials, the W1000 brings movie magic – and Full HD fun – to the living room with dual HDMI ports for simultaneous hosting of favorite digital devices such as Blu-ray player and gaming console. Users can quickly and conveniently switch between watching the latest Blu-ray release to playing the newest PlayStation® 3 game without the hassle of actually switching cables.

“ISE will be a launching pad for us to re-introduce the performance, passion, and magic that goes into every single BenQ innovation,” said Chen. “Our projector offering at ISE is just a small sample of the undisputable leadership in design and technology."