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BenQ Releases the World's First Programming Monitor

The RD Series Provides Utter Clarity, Entirely Focused Coding Environment Optimised for Developers


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 8 MAY 2024 – BenQ, the globally renowned brand of digital lifestyle devices and pioneer of professional display technology, today announces the upcoming launch of the RD Series, the world's first line of monitors custom-crafted to meet the unique and extensive needs of programmers. Equipped with BenQ-exclusive Fine-Coated Panel (varies by models), with advanced anti-glare, anti-reflective properties designed specifically for coding, RD Series offers devs utter clarity to focus entirely on long lines of code.


"As a user-centric company, BenQ is dedicated to prioritising the needs of its users,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “With a sincere commitment to serving the community, we aim to bring innovation to life and pave the way for the future by introducing the world's first programming monitors in the RD Series."


RD Series displays promote programming productivity with an advanced coding mode, delivering crystal-clear fonts for improved code differentiation in both light and dark themes adaptable to diverse development work environments. Accessible at the touch of the dedicated Coding HotKey at the centre of the function bar, the RD Series coding mode readily helps programmers achieve a focused state of flow.


Designed to provide maximum clarity and efficiency to code in comfort, RD Series’ unique MoonHalo backlight design (varies by model) blends an element of elegance and comforting illumination, ensuring users stay focused and fresh during long sessions working in any environment. Offering the flexibility to adjust preferences, including brightness, colour temperature, light mode, and more.


To safeguard prolonged bodily comfort and eye health for coders, RD Series is equipped with Night Hours Protection, combining minimum brightness technology, an eye-care filter for low-light settings, and dark-room display optimisation, as well as Brightness Intelligence Gen2 automatic ambient light detection and brightness correction.


Expected during the first half of 2024, RD Series will comprise RD240Q (16:10 aspect ratio 24.1-inch), RD280U & RD280UA (3:2 28.2-inch), and RD320U & RD320UA (16:9 31.5-inch) models, with options for both ergonomically adjustable and fixed stands. Offered on the smaller 24.1- and 28.2-inch models, the productivity-oriented 3:2 and 16:10 aspect ratios accommodate more lines of code vertically, while the 16:9 31.5-inch provides ample screen real estate for copious amounts of complex code. RD Series also features default KVM (keyboard, video, mouse), Multi-Stream Transport technology, enabling users to daisy-chain multiple extended displays from a single USB-C port, and Display Pilot 2 software includes self-defined shortcuts, desktop partition, application mode, software dimming, circadian mode, and more.

(Features may vary by model)


Committed to coding comfort and productivity as well as the community at large, BenQ professional monitors incorporate recycled materials and energy-efficient design, demonstrating BenQ’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in product development.


To learn more about RD Series monitors and feature variations among models, please visit here

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