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What types of USB flash drives does the GV31 support?

The GV31 supports USB flash drives with a capacity at or below 128GB featuring 1080p@60Hz content. The drive's format needs to be NTFS, FAT, or FAT32.

The supported video formats are: 

• AV1 MP-10@L5.1 up to 4K*2K@60fps

• VP9 Profile-2 up to 4K*2K@60fps

• H.265/HEVC MP-10@L5.1 up to 4K*2K@60fps

• H.264/AVC HP@L5.1 up to 4K*2K@30fps

• MPEG-2 MP/HL up to 1080P@60fps


The supported audio format are: 


• MPEG-1 Layers 1, 2, 3

• Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus

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