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What is IPS glow and how can I make it less visible?


Due to the technology used on IPS panels, some monitors have inconsistent brightness when observed from different angles and distances. This appears like a glow that’s somewhat visible when the screen is either all black or showing dark content. As IPS glow is technology-related, it cannot be completely prevented or eliminated. Thus, it has been widely accepted as a unique feature of IPS panels. This phenomenon is exclusive to IPS monitors and is far more common than TN/VA light bleed, although not as severe when it does happen.

There are some setup tips that you can try to make the IPS glow less visible:

  • Increase the ambient lighting in the room where the monitor is being used.
  • Lower the brightness level of the monitor via the OSD menu.
  • Adjust the height and tilt of the monitor until you find the right angle where the glow is least visible.
  • Place the monitor a little bit further from your seating position.

Applicable Models

BL2283, BL2381T, BL2411PT, BL2420PT , BL2423PT, BL2480, BL2480T, BL2485TC, BL2581T, BL2706HT, BL2711U , BL2780, BL2780T, BL2785TC, EW2480, EW2770QZ, EW2780, EW2780Q, EW2880U, EW3880R , EX2510, EX2510S, EX2710, EX2710Q, EX2710S, EX2710U, EX2780Q, EX3210U, EX3415R, GW2283, GW2406Z, GW2475H, GW2480, GW2480L, GW2480T, GW2485TC, GW2765HE, GW2765HT, GW2780, GW2780T, GW2785TC, PD2500Q, PD2700Q, PD2700U, PD2705Q, PD2705U, PD2710QC, PD2720U, PD2725U, PD3200U, PD3205U, PD3220U, PD3420Q, PG2401PT, PV270 - Currently unavailable, PV3200PT - Currently unavailable, SW240, SW2700PT, SW270C, SW271, SW271C, SW320, SW321C, EX240, PD2506Q, EX270M, EX270QM, EW2780U, EW3280U, PD2705UA, PD3205UA, GW2790QT, GW3290QT, BL2790QT, BL3290QT, BL2490, BL2790, GW2490, GW2790, PD2706U, PD2706UA, PD3225U, RD240Q

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