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How do I play SDR content for Bright, Game, or Cinema picture mode, etc. on my projector with BenQ QS02 Android TV dongle?


The BenQ QS02 Android TV dongle is designed to play HDR content for HDD10, HDR Game, or Filmmaker picture mode, etc. on BenQ projector as the default setting if HDR content is supported on your display device. If you would like to play SDR content on BenQ QS02 Android TV dongle for Bright, Vivi, Game, Living Room, or Cinema picture mode, etc. BenQ projector, please follow the steps below.


Step 1

Settings > Device Preferences > Display & Sound > Screen resolution >Color Space Settings


Step 2

Choose one of the color spaces below for SDR output:

• YCbCr444 8-bit 

• RGB 8-bit

Applicable Models

V5000i, W2710i, W4000i

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