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Is there a screen protective film or plastic film on my BenQ monitor that needs to be peeled off?


No, there is no screen protective film or plastic film that needs to be peeled off from your BenQ monitors. The observed phenomenon that the panel polarizer is not fully covered by the panel edges is related to the native panel design, with the main purpose of avoiding light leakage around the screen edges for a better viewing experience. This special design will not affect the overall panel performance of your BenQ display products.


Once again, please do not intend to remove or peel off the panel polarizers from your BenQ monitors, which may result in screen damage that is not covered by our standard limited warranty.

Applicable Models

PD2500Q, PD2506Q, PD2700U, PD2705Q, PD2705U, PD2705UA, PD2725U, PD2710QC, PD3205U, PD3205UA, PD3220U, PD3225U, PD3225U, PD3420Q

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