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What is the difference between PD2705U / PD3205U / PD2706U and PD2705UA / PD3205UA / PD2706UA


The difference is the stand type. 

PD2705U / PD3205U / PD2706U is Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), as most PD series designs.

PD2705UA / PD3205UA / PD2706UA is Ergo Stand with a new clamp design.

Applicable Models

PD3205UA, PD2705UA, PD3205U, PD2705U, PD2706U, PD2706UA, PD3225U, EW2880U, EW3880R , EX240, EX240N, EX2510, EX2510S, EX240, EX240N, EX270M, EX270QM, EX2710, EX2710Q, EX2710R, EX3203R, EX3210R, EX3210U, EX321UX, EX3415R, EX3501R, EX480UZ, PD3205UA, PD2706U, PD2706UA, PD3205UA, PD3225U, PD3420Q, RD240Q, RD280U, RD280UA, SW242Q, SW270C, SW271, SW271C, SW272Q, SW272U, SW272U, SW321C

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