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The projector has audible sound or noise. Is there any way to reduce it?


Regarding the audible sound or noise that you observed, it may result from three factors as below:

(1) XPR technology (pixel shifting): In order to create smooth 4K resolution
     images, True 4K DLP Technology utilizes high speed pixel displacement
     and the superimposition of pixels to produce the 8.3 million pixels seen by
     the viewer. An end result of this process is a degree of vibration that may
     results in a slight or unnoticeable high-frequency noise.

(2) Fan noise: With the limited space inside your projector, the fans need to
      operate at high speed for better heat dissipation of your projector, which
      may also result in higher fan noise level.

(3) Ambient temperature: For the purpose of working effeciency and safety,
      the fan noise will be increased when amient temprature is higher, thus
      causing bigger noise. 

To reduce the fan noise, we suggest you try the following settings:

Go to Advanced Menu > Picture > Advanced Color Settings > Light Source Mode, and select the ECO Mode.

When the ECO mode is selected, not only the fan noise will be reduced, the life expectancy of the light source in your projector will also be extended to save up more maintenance cost. .

If you have any further questions about the noise issue, please reach out to your local BenQ customer care team for further assistance. Thank you!

Applicable Models

X3000i, W4000i

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