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Why do flickering or color shifting only occur on my monitor when I use Photoshop?


This is a software configuration issue. If the ICC profiles in the operating system and in Photoshop differ, gamma values from the two ICC profiles can't properly sync. This causes Photoshop to constantly attempt a refresh of gamma values, which displays as flickering or color shifting.

There are troubleshooting reference steps you can try to possibly resolve this issue.
1) Open BenQ PME (Palette Master Element) and re-calibrate the monitor again, the software will apply a new ICC profile to the operating system and to Photoshop simultaneously.
2) Apply the same ICC profile in the operating system and Photoshop manually.
3) Try to setup an external monitor for the main screen to avoid software issues
4) Use Photoshop in windowed mode and not full screen mode

If the problem still persists, we recommend contacting Adobe for further assistance.

Applicable Models

Palette Master Element, PV3200PT - Currently unavailable, SW240, SW2700PT, SW270C, SW271, SW271C, SW320, SW321C

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