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How can I avoid the DLP Link signal getting lost sync when watching the Blue-Ray 3D video?


In the DLP Link technique, the projector inserts light pulses to identify whether it is a right or left frame, thus forming a seamless 3D experience with active DLP 3D glasses.


When you are watching DLP Link 3D(Frame Packing), there are some insights we would like to share with you.


1.Make sure that no other Projectors are sending DLP Link signals in
   the same room.

2.Watching in a relatively dark environment to avoid being influenced
   by other light sources.

3.Check the battery level on your DLP 3D Glasses

4.Adjust the watching distance and screen size within a normal range(Specs)

5.Stay in a fixed position, and try not to move too far/quickly on your
   head/3D glasses.

6.Try to adjust a colorful setting on the projector and avoid external light direct
   to your 3D glasses/screen.

7. If it's still not working, the issue might be caused by Hardware margin.
   You can switch to another projector or 3D glasses for a try.

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