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Lighting Up the World with Perfectly Long Lasting Picture Quality

Introducing BenQ's DLP Technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded the 2015 Academy Award of Merit (Oscar® statuette), is the leading projection technology used in 90% of world's digital cinemas and 100% of Digital IMAX theatres. DLP powers next-generation 3D gaming devices, high tech heads-up telematics and of course the most impactful projectors on the planet. With DLP dominating the worldwide projector market with over a 50% share, BenQ is today the #1 bestselling DLP projector brand, delivering unmatched world-class performance.

Feel the Real Action with Realistic and Accurate Colours

Whether you're watching a movie or a live HD sportscast on a BenQ DLP Projector, you won't want to blink your eyes. That's because award-winning DLP Technology powers BenQ Projectors to produce the most precisely accurate, richly vivid and stunningly realistic colours you've ever seen.

Rec. 709/sRGB The World Colour Standard for HDTV and Monitors

Whether you're watching, surfing, gaming or creating. Rec.709 compliance means that movies and HDTV broadcasts are seen exactly the way they were meant to be seen and sRGB ensures that webpages and computer images portray colours accurately and true-to-life. (Available for select models)

BenQ DLP Projectors With Rec.709

Other Projectors Without Rec.709

Six-Segment Colour Wheel with DLP BrilliantColor™ to Match Any Colour

BenQ's Six-Segment Colour Wheel with DLP BrilliantColor™ Technology blends not just the three primary colours, but six – producing over one billion colours, including hard-to-match natural mid-tones such as sky blue and skin tones, as well as millions of difficult colours throughout the vast range of the colour gamut. These colours are the toughest colours to project accurately, made possible by the magic of BenQ DLP Projectors.

Interchangeable Colour Wheels Optimise Your Performance to Any Need

BenQ DLP Projectors also support Interchangeable Colour Wheels, so that you can tailor its colour performance to your needs. For example, the RGBRGB colour wheel is perfect for bringing out the maximum brilliance in colours, so movies, photos and artwork really pop. Or switch to the RGBCYM colour wheel, which makes documents and charts clearly stand out. With BenQ, you only need one projector to handle any situation without compromise. (Available for select models)

Long Lasting Picture Quality That Looks Brand New, Year After Year

BenQ DLP Projectors showcase breathtakingly true-to-life colours and pristinely legible text for a seriously long time. With filter-free dustproof designs, zero colour decay, superb heat resistance and the ultimate durability of DLP chips, BenQ Projectors preserve absolute picture quality for many years to come.


DLP Chip – Reliable Even after 100,000 Hours of Operation

Comprising over two million micro-mirrors that reflect pure light through the colour wheel, the highly durable DLP chip is rated to last over 100,000 hours without degradation. Due to the incredibly high precision of the micro-mirror design, the DLP chip experiences little to no aging or heat damage, ensuring fresh, crisp images for the duration.

Dust Proof Filter Free and Zero Colour Decay

BenQ DLP Projectors maintain the most vivid, crisp images and boundless picture perfection by eliminating colour decay and dust damage. As the miraculous micro-mirrors work their magic with minimal heat build-up, the nearly-sealed DLP engine eliminates dust problems and protects the DLP chip and all the internal components without messy filters. As with all projectors, you'll need to replace the lamp from time to time, but unlike non-DLP projectors, which look tired even after lamp replacement, the picture quality of BenQ DLP Projectors will look brand-new.

BenQ DLP Projector

Original Colour

After 2,000 Hours of Use

After New Lamp Installed

Non-DLP Projector

Original Colour

After 2,000 Hours of Use

After New Lamp Installed

Class-Leading Energy Conservation Saves up to 70% Lamp Power and 50% Cost

BenQ's exclusive SmartEco® Technology saves energy consumption by up to 70% as well as extending lamp life up to 160% compared to non-DLP projectors. Saving energy means saving money. With BenQ SmartEco®, you'll be able reduce your monthly electric bill.

Razor-Sharp Enduring Accuracy That Stays Sharp

While you're staring unblinkingly at those beautiful colours, you'll also notice that everything is so crisp and razor-sharp. Thanks to BenQ's high contrast ratios, small text legibility and fine detail definition have never before been as clear as with BenQ DLP Projectors.

High Pixel Fill Factor For Sharp Details and Clear Text

Featuring a class-leading High Fill Factor, BenQ DLP Projectors pump more light into each individual pixel, which means small-size text and fine details are more defined and clear than the competition. And because High Fill Factor minimises the black borders around each pixel, the dreaded ‘screen door effect’ is eliminated and you'll only see beautifully rendered images instead of pixelated graphics.


BenQ SmartEco® Technology Further Boost High Contrast Ratio

BenQ's exclusive SmartEco® Technology is an ingenious solution that heightens the viewing experience. It automatically adjusts lamp brightness based on content, enhancing brightness and contrast to produce the best possible picture quality. In this way, BenQ DLP Projectors are able to project deeper true blacks, increasing contrast for clear text and subtle details.

BenQ DLP Projector SmartEco Mode

BenQ DLP Projector

Non-DLP Projector


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