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Maintain the SW321C Clean and Protected with the AQRoller

The AQRoller comes included with the SW321C to clean your screen.

The AQRoller is a simple tool that helps protect the special coating on the BenQ AQCOLOR SW321C screen. As we discussed previously, the SW321C is the fist professional monitor for photographers that offers the Paper Color Sync technology. This technology allows you to simulate printouts on the screen by syncing the color profile of your photo paper, and printer; and by having and ultra-low reflectance panel. With the AQRoller, we take the guesswork out of caring for your brand-new monitor.

ART Panel

The BenQ SW321C is the first-ever AQCOLOR monitor to use an ART panel. This advanced screen is a color calibrated panel that has been covered with a special anti-reflective coating. The result is the most matte screen you have seen. The screen on this monitor is so matte that even shining a flashlight directly at the screen produces a minimal amount of glare.

The special anti-reflective technology coating is part of what makes Paper Color Sync possible. By reducing the reflections on the screen and adjusting contrast and color to match paper and printer profiles, looking at your photos on this monitor is just like seeing them on paper.

However, to guarantee many years of reliable service from your SW321C, it is important to follow appropriate care and cleaning methods.


The AQRoller comes included with every BenQ SW321C and is the recommended method of cleaning. It is a silicone roll that can be used to clean your screen from dust and fingerprints. What makes this cleaner special is that, unlike using a microfiber cloth or paper towel, it will softly roll on the screen avoiding any rubbing that could scratch your screen or wear off the coating. As it rolls, the sticky silicone surface adheres fingerprints oil and dust.

Just a few passes of the AQRoller on the screen will make it look as clean as new without the risk of damaging the advanced ART panel of the SW321C. Additionally, when the AQRoller starts to lose its dirt-attracting power, simply run it under cold, running water to wash of the dust and oil and restore its cleaning capacity.

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Professional Monitors That Work Hard

Our AQCOLOR line of professional monitors for photographers and designers work hard to deliver accurate colors and the highest image quality possible. The SW321C is the first of the professional monitors for photographers to include some our most advanced exclusive technologies like Paper Color Sync. By making sure to use your AQRoller to clean your monitor, you will ensure you’re your monitor will be like new for many years. AQCOLOR’s outstanding performance is possible thanks to the pillars of AQCOLOR: color accuracy, factory calibration, and 3rd party certifications.

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